10 Best WordPress Countdown timer Plugin

Want to drive urgency on your website’s sales page?

A WordPress Countdown timer could be the best solution.

For example, say

As you walk into your usual general store, an employee greets you by saying,

We have a 10% discount on items that you shop in the first ten minutes! Ready, set, go!”.

If you’re us and like to save (I mean, who doesn’t?!) then you dash for the most expensive items on your grocery list and hope you can make it in time.

You check your watch after a bit of shopping to see that there are only 2 minutes left – and you still have to grab a few more items!

The fear of missing out on this great deal has caused you to rush to buy things – and you just make it in time.

Let’s analyze what just happened though

The employee acted on behalf of the store as a marketer and created a sense of urgency.

Could they have just put up a banner that said 5% off on all items?

Sure, but with the fear of not missing out – you rushed to buy things, perhaps a bit more than usual.

While you may not be able to personally greet each visitor that comes to your website – you can certainly use the same tactic by utilizing a countdown timer on your website!

Today, we’ll explore the top 1o best WordPress countdown timer Plugins you can integrate into your website for free. Ready, set, go!


1.HurryTimer – WordPress Countdown timer


HurryTimer is a great option for a multi-purpose countdown timer – and its free version is packed with awesome features.

Supporting cookie & IP detection for their Evergreen campaigns, WooCommerce integration, custom labels, and even a call-to-action button your campaigns are definitely going to entice customers!

In fact, after the countdown is over you still have a plethora of options like hiding it, redirecting to a URL, displaying a message, changing stock status, or hiding the “add to cart” button. So what are you waiting for?

You’re missing out on one of the best free countdown timers for your WordPress website! 3…2….1…


2.Countdown for WooCommerce


If you’re looking to place a countdown on your WooCommerce store, then you should definitely checkout Countdown for WooCommerce.

While there is a Pro version, just listen to what the free version offers:

  • Real-time countdown timers
  • Customizable sitewide countdown bar
  • Customizable expiration message and a
  • Countdown cart notice

What a cool way to push for revenue!

Not only is it a lightweight countdown timer plugin, but it also continues the countdown after the visitor has left the site – so that when they return, they are further incentivized to shop quickly!

Wait do you hear the tick-tock noise?

That’s the time you’re wasting not integrating this WordPress Countdown timer plugin for free into your website!


3.Finale Lite – Countdown Timer for WordPress

If you’re looking for a solid option for your WooCommerce website then Finale Lite is the one for you!

With the ability to set up sales between two fixed dates and time, you can ramp up the excitement in customers to purchase your products & services.

Most last-minute shoppers are frantic to find any gift – but what if you add to the mix a discount and a countdown timer? Oh boy, the number of orders are going up indeed!

You can also create rules to customize your campaigns so that you don’t need to visit individual product pages to set them up separately.

Finally, you can also show stock statuses of the products in real-time – so that customers can actively see the numbers going down.

Speaking of numbers, you should quickly go and grab this great plugin before the time runs out!

4.Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce and WordPress


The Sales Countdown Timer reels in customers to purchase from your store before time runs out – and gives you a seasonal bonus!

In fact, it is one of the most flexible plugins in terms of features with the ability to position an upcoming sales message, a timer at the individual products page, a sales progress bar, and even a stock quantity bar.

If you want to customize the look & feel of the timer and set up multiple profiles – this plugin doesn’t hold you back.

Fonts, font size, and background colors – everything is configurable!

Just as this plugin doesn’t hold you back – neither should you hesitate from integrating this into your website or WooCommerce store!

5.Wow Countdowns – WordPress Countdown timer


With the ability to create limited-time and limited-amount offers to prospective customers – you are definitely instilling the fear of missing out in them!

The feeling associated with scarcity mixed with a winding down timer can embolden buyers to quickly purchase products.

In fact, if you’re looking to support multiple languages – Wow Countdowns allows you to edit the ‘Hours’, ‘Minutes’, and ‘Seconds’ titles themselves so that you can target local consumers as well!

Want to know another trick?

If you count down on a per-second basis and show that to consumers – the feeling of scarcity gets amplified. And before you ask – yes, this plugin allows you to do that!

With session tracking, you can resume counting without the active digital presence of the visitor – so that the next time they visit the feeling is even more magnified!

So why wait – wow your customers now with this plugin!

6.IMS Countdown


IMS Countdown is a great option for everyone – but especially developers!

Why? It’s open-source! The ability to tweak the code according to your standards allows you to really integrate it into the overall look & feel of your brand.

It has all the basic features like the ability to set the time and date, customizing colors, and redirecting to a URL after countdown expiration!

In addition to those features, you have a timezone option (so you can serve a global audience), the ability to create unlimited styles and best of all – it works using HTML5 and jQuery and not flash, so security is no issue.

With a sleek interface, customers will be dashing to purchase from your store – so don’t keep them waiting and download this free WordPress Countdown timer plugin now!

7.T(-) Countdown –  WordPress Plugin


T (-) is one of the most popular countdown timers – with more than 30,000 installations.

It allows you to create multiple instances of sidebar widgets, supports HTML content areas above and below the countdown timer, and even shortcodes so that you can place it according to your own design principles!

The plugin is completely open-source, so developers can take full advantage and also provides documentation so that the non-techies can still benefit from the plugin’s capabilities!

It is pronounced as Tee-Minus and according to its WordPress download page, is inspired from the Apollo launch script, “ Now T Minus 10 minutes 54 seconds on our countdown for Apollo 11.”. Woah, with such a cool backstory – you definitely need to download this for your website!

8.Evergreen Countdown Timer – WordPress Plugin


Evergreen Countdown Timer understands one of the key ideas of marketing – scarcity is one of the persuasion principles that people need to decide to buy.

Offering you the ability to track individual visitors and create personalized timers for them – you can adjust the countdown and amplify the scarcity message accordingly!

But it doesn’t stop there – you can get started in under 30 seconds yourself.

Imagine that – while you’re looking to integrate a countdown timer for your visitors, one is being offered directly to you! Don’t miss out on this great deal!

9.Waiting – Countdown plugin


Waiting has one of the most stylish designs for a countdown timer, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features.

With over 600 fonts to choose from, no limit on the number of countdowns created, and smooth animations – even the most hardened bargainers will have a hard time resisting the temptation to buy!

With an easy & intuitive interface, smart default actions, minimal code size, mobile-friendliness, and fast support – you’ll have one of the best plugins working for you. Now don’t spend any more time waiting – get this plugin immediately!


10.Coming Soon by Supsystic


Coming Soon focuses on a different aspect when it comes to countdown timers – coming soon pages.

In fact, you can use this creatively if done right. Use a coming soon page to indicate that a sale is coming soon – and send out the coupon codes via email!

Not only are you giving out discounts, but you also have paved the way for communicating with your customers after the sale ends.

Boasting a simple drag-and-drop builder, fully responsive on both desktop and mobile platforms, a plethora of preset templates, and the ability to customize CSS and HTML – you can create some awesome designs! While you may tell your customers that offers are coming soon – don’t delay in using this plugin.


Today, we looked at the best countdown timers that you can use with your WordPress website or WooCommerce store. Before saying goodbye, we’d like to offer a pro tip: Use countdown timers sparingly. You don’t want to bore customers with a timer every time you have a sale – build up the scarcity!