Top 10 Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin to Chat with your visitors

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Integration of the best free WordPress Live chat plugin on your website could help you to start a conversation with your client.

Conversations have been an integral part of human history.

In fact, the development of the voice box has been attributed to the rise of civilizations. As a business owner (or content creator), you are acutely aware of the role that communication plays.

It can make or break a deal within seconds. So why not integrate that into your website?

Forrester reports that

“More than 41% of customers expect live chat on websites”.

With consumers essentially demanding support, you know the value of listening to those concerns. Furthermore, it raises satisfaction levels – which are directly correlated with your brand image.

Plus, it allows customers to achieve answers immediately instead of waiting for an email that comes after a few hours, time that they could use to browse other products and services.

But what about revenue?

Harvard Business School reports that customer retention increased by 5% and profits increased by as much as 95% when live chat was integrated into websites.

With those statistics, we can see that your mind just went “Cha-Ching”!

Today, we’ll talk about the top 10 best free WordPress live chat plugins  – so that you can get a slice of that pie!


1.Tidio – Live chat

Tidio is one of the best free live chat plugins for WordPress that provides you with the resources to engage with customers in an active manner.

Response time for a customer service email is around 3 hours – a live chat can reduce that timeline to under 3 minutes.

Not only does Tidio offer you a great color palate so you can match your brand, but they also offer you insights as to who browses your website! So the next time that you see more people buying a particular product – you can better integrate that into your advertising campaign.

You may think that you have placed everything in an orderly fashion on your website, but sometimes customers need to ask questions!

If your response time is low, that incentivizes them to stay online and eventually purchase a product. Providing you with automated AI chat options, you can serve your customers even when you aren’t available – a total win-win!

Pricing (Free version)

Tidio offers a free version that stays true to its wording.

  • With support from 3 chat operators,
  • 500 emails/month,
  • Option to serve 100 customers with unlimited chats
  • They even support integration with Facebook Messenger, Shopify, and Google Analytics in their free tier!

It’s a great option for those getting things off the ground.

Premium Package ( $18/month ),

If you’re willing to upgrade to their premium plans, which start at $18/month you get access to pro features like,

  • Chatbot templates
  • Live typing and Email templates etc.

Either way, Tidio is a great option to start connecting with your customers.

2.Userlike – Free Live chat plugin

Believing that live chat can turn visitors from prospective clients to long-term customers, Userlike aims to provide the best live chat features. They take customer support to the next level, by allowing customers to choose which department to talk to!

If that isn’t enough, they support custom designs for your website that can effortlessly blend in with your own branding, allow you to build customer profiles, and support CRM integrations like Salesforce, Zendesk, and MailChimp!

With their exclusive Sticky Chat feature, customers can elect to talk to the same customer support operator as last time, so that the experience is more comfortable!

Seeking to provide a personalized experience?

With built-in registration forms, you can collect valuable information beforehand so that serving your customers is as painless for you as it is for them.

Need some real-life examples?

Well, companies like Allianz, BMW, Nivea, and trivago use them – so rest assured of its capabilities!


Now, with such spectacular features you’d expect that Userlike has a hefty price tag associated with it – but no!

Their free version allows

  • A single operator to carry out unlimited chats, which is a great option for businesses or content creators that want a trial run or have just built their website from scratch!

Upgrade to their premium plans at $29/month,

  • With this, you can access analytics,
  • integrate Whatsapp, and even add more operators.

3.WP Live Chat Support – Live Chat plugin for WordPress

With more than 1.5 million downloads so far, it is certainly one of the more popular solutions for WordPress websites.

Yet, you’re looking for reliability and effectiveness!

No worries -this WordPress Chat plugin has features like

  • real-time chats
  • live typing and preview
  • offline message support, and
  • detailed analytics you can rest easy.

If you need help, you can always refer to their dedicated support forum and detailed how-to user guides.

Sometimes, agents need to talk to each other without leaving their cubicles – while engaging customers. WP Live Chat offers an agent-to-agent chat option as well so that internal communications can occur at the same speed as agent-to-customer, and provide the best customer experience!

Another feature that is incredible is its ability to save chat transcripts and send them to customers at the end.


WP Live Chat offers one of the best pricing options in the live chat marketplace. Its features are completely free – and they only charge you beyond 32 users!

In fact, their premium pricing plans are cheap as well, chagrin only $1.08 per user/month. This is one of those rare scenarios where free is truly free and effective!


4.Zendesk – WordPress Live chat plugin

Zendesk offers a great live chat product for WordPress – there’s a reason why the company is known so well in the industry.

They believe that a chat can offer better solutions than a thousand emails – which is a great way to modernize the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

They provide support for triggers – which allow you to set up custom actions whenever a particular event occurs.

Notice that customers linger too long on a particular page?
– Send a chat option after they’ve spent more than 10 minutes on a page!

Need to send a file?

-File sharing is easy for Zendesk. With pre-chat and online form integration – you can easily measure your own performance and improve your services.


Zendesk provides the usual brand palate blending options, but what really sets it apart is its Analytics.

It enables you to track chat volume, agent productivity, real-time visitor experience, and conversion tracking.

Furthermore, the ride-sharing service giant, Uber consistently uses Zendesk to help its customers. Scaling, as a result, is no issue for Zendesk!


Its free version allows you to have 1 concurrent chat along with a 14-day chat history – which is a great option for beginners!

If you notice month over month growth, then you add agents at a price of $14/month which comes with widgets, customization, and triggers! Customer experience is a breeze when you’ve got Zendesk!

5.iFlyChat – Live Chat Plugin

iFlyChat is a great option for community-oriented websites. This free live chat plugin for WordPress goes beyond the peer-to-peer chat option by also supporting group chats, audio, and video chats.

With features like push and email notifications, action cards, and auto thumbnails, you can ensure engagement is always on the rise.

What if you want to monetize bulk-member group chats?

With iFlyChat you can do that – using a per-minute rate or a pay per content model!

With group chats, moderation becomes a vital issue – and iFlyChat offers a powerful dashboard to monitor members and moderate conversations.

It also enables you to send announcements, view message history, and export data!

With TLS/SSL encryption, a secure cloud infrastructure, and an uptime SLA of 99.99% – your chats aren’t going to magically disappear!


As far as pricing is concerned, iFlyChat offers a comprehensive free solution, which includes 10 concurrent chats, a 1-week chat archive, single sign-on, and basic forum support.

You can also check out their documentation and resource center if you can any additional queries! Upgrade to their premium plans, and you can gain access to moderation capabilities, more chat rooms, and email support! If you’re looking to build a community – iFlyChat can help you spread your wings!

6.Hubspot – Free Plugin for Live Chat

Hubspot offers a multitude of features within one plugin – and that includes an incredible live chat experience! If you’re looking to engage customers in conversations surrounding your products, or help them as they’re checking out, their live chat option has got your back.

You can even send automated emails when a particular event is triggered, like converting customers and welcoming them into your tribe.

They offer analytics across multiple streams – forms, pop-ups, and live chat. The best thing?


Features like email marketing, forms, ad management, live chat, and reporting dashboard – albeit in a limited capacity – are available in the free version!


If you choose to upgrade to their premium plans, they start at $40/year – but with access to the full version of the aforementioned features – it is well worth it! – live chat plugin

Sometimes, the market you’re targeting comprises individuals using a chat application that is integrated with their daily lives. If that chat application turns out to be WhatsApp – then is the perfect solution for you!

Did you know that Whatsapp leads are 6 times more valuable than email or phone leads because the open and conversion rates are around 80%?

Those are extremely valuable numbers for any business!

With such a plugin at your side, you can personalize messages to your customers as if they were in front of you. In fact, integration with your online store is super easy – just add the button in an area where your customers can easily see it. And if you’re looking for multi-language support, they support that too!


The best thing is that it’s absolutely free to use!

8.Chaty – WP Live Chat Plugin

With support for more than twenty different channels including Telegram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger – Chaty is a social media powerhouse by itself.

They offer access to two free channels in their free version, tons of design options, and the ability to trigger animation effects according to the location of the visitor’s mouse!

Want to change the size of the button, show pending notifications, or open the chat in a new tab?

Yeah, you can do that too!


If you’re looking for more, like unlimited channels, widget and channel customization, page targeting and Google Analytics – then their premium plans start at $25 per year.

With such great features, Chaty is sure to provide a pleasant chat experience to your clients!

9.The Official Facebook Chat Plugin

The world’s largest social media also makes a rock-hard chat plugin, and they’re giving it up for free. In fact, the plugin is open-source, so for all you developers out there that want to tweak it to suit your environment – you can!

Text messages, video, images, audio, and quick replies are all integrated with the plugin so that you can aid your customers in the best way possible.

In fact, you can also customize the look and feel of the chat pop-up to your heart’s content. Want to display personalized messages to people logged in and an inviting one to those logged out?

Their SDK allows you to do that with ease! But not everyone wants to log in – so you can still chat in ‘Guest Mode’ to fulfill their needs as well!

Overall, Facebook’s chat plugin is a great option – especially if you’re building a community on Facebook (or already have one).

10.WiseChat – Free WordPress  live chat plugin

Wise Chat is one of the best  WordPress Live chat plugins out there, especially when you consider that no servers are required – you can hook it up to your website and not some third-party hosting solution.

It allows you to send pictures, attachments, and even comes with built-in moderation rules so that your chats stay a safe haven for having real conversations!

And with support for 4 free themes – it easily submerges into the look and feel of your brand.


If you want extra features like custom avatars, hooks, email notifications, and BuddyPress integrations you can upgrade to their Pro version for a one-time fee of $40. That means multisite support, a lifetime license, and free upgrades!


Wrapping Up,

Today, we looked at the best free chat plugins available for your WordPress website. In the beginning, we talked about the importance of holding conversations and how aiding customers can lead to higher profits – we also hope that you have gained ideas about how to improve customer engagement, approval, and satisfaction.

Recurring revenue is a great figure to have on your spreadsheet – one that you can brag about! We hope that with these WordPress Live Chat plugins, you have some awesome conversations!

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