Outsource Website Development Projects: 10 Quick Factors to check in 2022

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How to outsource Website Development Projects?

I hope, this is what you are looking for.

As a business owner, you’ve probably thought about keeping your overhead costs low – and the thought of outsourcing has inevitably crossed your mind.

Yet is outsourcing website development projects effective, or is it just another industry trend?

Outsourcing, if defined by Oxford, is “Obtain (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source.”

I’d say that sounds about right!

The global business process outsourcing (BPO) revenue was $62 billion in 2018.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be a cost-reduction decision; it may satisfy worker shortages as well.

For example, when it comes to Outsourcing IT services, Software Projects, Website Development Projects – India is the leader in global outsourcing.

India provides access to world-class professionals at a cheaper rate compared to other nations.

So If you’re thinking to outsource your Personal Website Design Project or starting an IT Business and you would like to outsource Website  Development Projects, keep reading till the end.

 I’ll talk about its advantages and disadvantages to further clarify the concept!

Advantages of Outsourcing Web Development Projects

  • Cost savings: Outsourcing can help you create the same quality product (or better) at a reduced cost. In Asian countries, manufacturing costs can be cut by as much as 60%!
  • Increased efficiency: As you are essentially handing over the assembly process to a larger pool of workers, you will see a boost in productivity with a little training.
  • Focus: Because you aren’t worried about the worker costs, you can focus on more timely activities such as building your brand, research & development, and finding ways to improve your customer experience.
  • Skilled resources: Whether you outsource manufacturing or a specific service, you will tap into the global market of skill resources – sometimes resources that are not available in your country!


Disadvantages of Outsourcing Website Development 

  • Data risks: This is one of the ugly sides of outsourcing, where any member of the team can steal confidential data right before your eyes. The worst-case scenario is local companies providing the same products at half the price!
  • Flexible responsibility: If you don’t choose the correct outsourcing partner, you may find yourself with stretched delivery time frames, low-quality products, and a lack of structure.
  • Costs: If you don’t have an upfront partner about the prices with you, then hidden fees can seriously match the current fees that you face right now!
  • Lack of focus: If you are not offered a dedicated team that focuses exclusively on your product, quality (and consequently revenue) may take a severe hit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Website projects,

See – outsourcing is a tough business! Complexities can arise from various directions, but you need to be able to navigate that maze. To help you do that, I’ll talk about 10 factors to consider before choosing the right Website Design / Development Outsourcing Partner.

Without any delay let’s dive deep into it!

1.Technologies and Expertise

As you’re looking for outsourcing Website Design and Development Projects, the first thing I would recommend you to consider the Technologies and available scope.

For example,

Say If you want to Develop a Website on WordPress CMS, but the company doesn’t offer any service on this CMS. Or Say you want to develop an eCommerce website using the Shopify platform, but the company has no expertise on this platform. So ultimately it will be a mismatch of technology offerings.

Better first shortlist the Technologies, CMS, and  Platforms you require.

Then you are ready to search company/agency/freelancer that offers the same and has expertise.

It could be based on,

Type of Website,

  • Expertise in Business Website Designing.
  • Expertise in eCommerce Website Designing.
  • Landing Page Designing.


  • WordPress Website Development
  • Drupal Website Development.
  • Wix Website Development

eCommerce Platforms,

  • Shopify Website Development.
  • WooCommerce Website Development.
  • Magento Website Development.

Specific Niche 

  • Finance Website Design
  • Healthcare Website Design
  • Author Website Design etc.

or Technologies,

  • Custom Php Website Development.
  • Html/CSS Website Development.
  • Angular JS Website Development etc.

2.Create a Project Scope to Outsource Website Development

The well-defined project scope is the most essential factor you should consider.

Though it is a very big task But a proper Project scope could help you to define the timeline, cost, and design materials required.

Define each and everything you need. Note it down for ease of use.

You can use Google Doc, in that case, to avoid too many email threads.

A well-defined scope helps the Website Design and Development company to understand your requirements. Moreover, it adds an extra benefit to planning your project’s milestone.

Therefore it is a win-win situation for both.

3.Meeting deadlines -Timeline

It would be best if you were sure that the outsourcing partner could meet deadlines – because you need to know if developers will stick to it and deliver on time. 

Quality control is another factor when you talk about deadlines.

Though the Timeline of a Project depends on both parties.

For example,  If the developers need Design materials, content that you are not able to provide in a timely manner or you are not making the payment for the milestone could derail the Whole timeline of your project.

The main reason here is, they have other clients too.

And every client has their own deadlines so it is not easy to swap and pick your project.

Therefore, while choosing the right website development outsourcing partner or booking a job with them, know when you need to engage with them.

There’s nothing better than a partner that respects your deadlines and works hard to meet them.

4. Trustworthiness 

If there is one essential quality to look for in an outsourcing partner, it’s trustworthiness. After all, you are essentially handing the keys to the kingdom to them! They should ensure that confidentiality. 

This may mean that you write up an ‘Intellectual Property Agreement’ so that both parties are apparent who owns what and how the product can be used. Perhaps it may seem like extra work to you – but you’ll thank when you don’t see similar products floating about in the industry!

5.Privacy & Security 

This is closely related to ‘Safety’ above but focuses more on the confidentiality of your products & services details.

When choosing the right partner, you need to be sure that your product details are not shared with third-parties!

Also, please take a closer look at how they handle the security of the infrastructure.

Or in reverse, you could ask if they can assist you to Secure your WordPress Website or your client’s site.

 Security can sometimes mean the difference between a fantastic quarter and shutting down your business!

6.Contracts are a life-saver

Contracts are essential in any outsourcing endeavor.

It would be best if you were specific about the length of your business relationship, pricing details, and even a cancellation clause.

Also, consider how you will make payments – entirely in advance, half before delivery, and a half after or only after delivery. 

7.Minimal Supervision

A right experienced Freelancer or Team is what you need.


It’s because deadlines aren’t met if every hour your partner calls up to ask, “How do we do this?” or “Would it be okay if…”. That’s a big no.

The right partners will call you up only when required and handle the background processes themselves – that is why you hired them in the first place, right? 

In the beginning, it is vital to work with them continuously but as time goes on – let them handle it. You’ll find productivity on the rise along with happiness, which is a killer combination for a business relationship.


If you are outsourcing your personal website Development Project, that Scalability might not that appropriate.

But if you are into IT Outsourcing Business, ensure that your partner can scale. Repeat – ensure that your partner can scale.

Because when you have more projects to complete within a specific timeline and they are not able to scale their team.

You don’t want your partner to say, “We can’t meet those numbers”.

In the other words, “That would be extremely painful.”!

You strive to make sure that your outsourcing partner can scale according to your requirements.



Communication is a factor everyone seems to take for granted but plays a key role regardless of which phase of the project you’re in.

Have to tell your outsourcing partner about some minor changes to the product? That’s communication.

Without communicating with your partner clearly and concisely, you won’t be able to move on to the stuff that matters – getting the job done. 

So take a look into the communication channels. It might be via  Traditional Email or  Company’s Project Management System, Support ticket, or  Collaboration Cloud apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams.

10.Process of the Project

If there is a process, there is productivity.

Before hiring any freelancer or outsourcing your Website Development project try to understand the Process or method they follow to deliver your Project ensuring the  Quality, Timeline.

When you’re aware of the process, you know the number of engagements you need in each step.

Isn’t it would be beneficial for you?

Wrapping up,

Outsourcing means you spend more extra time and attention on vetting professionals than doing the work yourself. However, the amount of energy expended is still the same.

Selecting a Website Development outsourcing partner is a time taking process. Therefore go through all the points mentioned above in the article. It’ll surely make you confident to outsource your website development projects.

I hope you have a blast in searching for the right Website Development outsourcing partner!

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