Things you should consider while developing an effective Ecommerce Website

To develop an E-commerce website, An effective E-commerce web design is very important for converting the website visitors into customers. The design of your website should be such that the purchase process is very easy, quick and stress-free. If your website is not optimized for sales then you may be losing potential customers.

The website design should not only be appealing it must also be functional and fully optimized for conversions. Responsive web design will automatically attract customers because it will be mobile friendly and SEO friendly.

To create an effective E-commerce store to generate sales keep the following points in your mind-

1. Research about your customers, products & market

Conducting market research for your eCommerce business is not only good but it is essential to figure out what you are selling, to whom you are selling and who is already there in the market offering the same products as yours.

Thus only you can plan better and create an effective eCommerce store that attracts your customers.

2. Surround your website with trustworthy icons.

trust badge for ecommerce

Trust is the main factor when it comes to Sales. There are many E-commerce websites available that don’t have an SSL certificate which leads to trust issues. While developing an E-commerce Website it is recommended to put trust badges on your website which ensures the privacy, security, and responsibility of the Brand.

3. Include video demonstrations

Video has become the most popular marketing tool. It creates a significant opportunity for brands and marketers to attract new customers.

A survey says, 58% of people believe in a brand or companies that use video are more trustworthy. The video demonstration about a product in your E-commerce will also help your customer to make a decision

73% of U.S. adults said they are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an explainer video.

4. Make sure your website mobile-friendly

The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. Most of the people consume or access information about brands or any products using their mobile devices.

It is obvious you won’t want to turn your potential sales away. Therefore a Mobile-friendly or Responsive website is the utmost priority.

It will enable your customers to access your website from any type of device whether they are using Mobile Devices, Tablet, Laptop or Pc the web pages will be resized according to the screen size and customers don’t need to pinch in the screen to check any information.

So, keep a Mobile-first approach in your E-commerce web Development project.

5. Keep offering discounts at various intervals.

Who doesn’t love offers?  Especially on an E-commerce website, buyers are more like to purchase a product with a good offer.

Make sure, your E-commerce website has the feature to show pop-ups, where you can show the product offers on various occasions like  Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Diwali Christmas, New year  & Valentine’s day.

Also, you can show a discount to a particular product on your website

6. Showcase your top-rated and best-selling products on the home page.

The homepage is the most visited page on a website. So the best way to increase sales conversion in your eCommerce website is to keep your top-rated product on the homepage. It will help users to understand what to choose from a variety of products available in your eCommerce store.

7. Accept a variety of payment methods.

Different Customers love to pay using different payment methods. So keeping various payment options in your Ecommerce website helps the customers to choose their preferred payment gateway and pay for the products without thinking twice.

There are many payment gateways available for e.g Paypal, InstaMojo, RazorPay which can be integrated easily with your eCommerce platform. These gateways power your store to take payments in different methods like NetBanking, UPI, etc.

8. Capture the customer’s attention through a value proposition.

As an eCommerce store owner, the products or services you sell are a key component of your value proposition. But it is more than just those products or services. Other elements of value you provide include your pricing strategies, promotions, volume discounts, rewards points, free shipping, customer services, product content, availability, return policies, industry knowledge and expertise, and many other factors.

So you use Value proposition carefully while designing an eCommerce store.