10 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Website

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Best Contact form plugins for WordPress Website?

The very first question will be on your mind when it comes to adding a contact form in WordPress.

In this article,  you will find the  answer to,

  • Why our Website needs a contact form?
  • Which factors you should check while choosing a WordPress Contact form Plugin?
  • List of 10 best contact form Plugins for WordPress Website in 2020.

Let’s get started with the first question,

Why our website needs a contact form?

One of the core principles that businesses revolve around is the idea that the “Customer is King”.

Naturally, you would want every single tool in your toolbox so that you can get to know your customers better so that you can serve them better.

One of the key methods of getting to know your customers is through contact forms.

Think about it, what other method allows you to obtain personal details of customers along with the exact requirements expected from you?  Contact forms rock!

I personally believe in 24×7 customer support, I also recognize the value of opening multiple avenues for communicating with our customers.

Today, I’ll take a look at the top 10 contact form plugins for WordPress websites.

But first, I must justify what you should look for while choosing the Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress website.

As a business owner, your time is limited and cannot be wasted on unfruitful endeavors!

3 Vital things a WordPress contact form plugin must have

There are three prime factors of WordPress contact forms Plugin – security, Clean and clear UI, and convenience.


As the internet is filled with bots that actively send spam to you.

You’ll want to safeguard yours from bad actors.

Therefore you need a WordPress Contact form Plugin which can stop the bot by integrating “Captcha” to your form.

What is captcha?

A computer program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of thwarting spam and automated extraction of data from websites.

A clean inbox can be the pathway to a calm workday!


A clear contact form clarifying each input field is much appreciatable instead of a chaotic form.

So while choosing the  Plugins for WordPress Contact form, you should look into this closely.

Whether your contact form plugin has all the functions to create a clean and clear contact form for your website with various input field types.

For example, the Text field, email address field, Phone Number, Multiple answer & Dropdown field, etc.

In advance case, you should check if your Contact form plugins for WordPress support Conditional logic or not.


As much as you care about your customers, you can’t be there for them every single minute.

So,  a WordPresss Contact form plugin that allows you to handle all the submissions from a single place is the best choice a small business owner or single entrepreneur can choose.

If the contact form has some automation facilities to shoot an instant email to your customer is the best possible WordPress contact form solutions.

The simple experience customers receiving an email saying “We are processing your issue.” can go a long way!

Now that you’ve explored how contact forms can help you run your business in a more efficient manner and what factors you should look for in a Contact form Plugins for WordPress.

Let’s talk about the actual WordPress Contact form plugins for your website!

There are more than 6,000+ plugins available when it comes to contact forms on WordPress.

But I’ve narrowed it down to 10 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress for your convenience.

Here we go,

#10 ARforms


ARforms is one of the older players in the contact form plugin market – with more than 6,000 customers worldwide.

Not only do they have one of the most beautiful yet easy to navigate UI, but they also support up to 30 on-demand field types, live preview, embedded files, and conditional logic.

Their themes and templates (more than 40+) are some of the most talked-about in the marketplace.

Want to integrate some informational tooltips so that customers know exactly what a standard response looks like? ARforms can help you with that.


With a basic plan starting at $39/year that allows you to integrate other add-ons like SMS notifications, PayPal, reCaptcha, Mailchimp, and Zapier.

It even allows you to customize the CSS according to your needs and strives to provide a smooth experience to the form builder so that the customer sails smoothly!

If you’re looking for a plugin from a provider that has been in this space for more than 5 years – ARforms is the one you’re looking for.


#9 FormCraft

Using the word “craft” in their name isn’t an accident – FormCraft is famous for its gorgeous designs.

But that’s not all, with features like mobile responsiveness, math formulas, one-page checkout, survey fields, analytics, and saved responses, it’s a rock-hard form builder.

One of their biggest plus points is that they have a page dedicated to integrations!

They have everything from email subscriptions, PayPal, Stripe, PDF, Zapier, and multi-page support.


One of the things that are often complained about when it comes to FormCraft is that there is no free plan.

But, with free Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp integrations already included – it takes care of everything from the get-go.

Their contact forms are also known to not only be fast but also scalable – so let the data flow through!

The old adage, “You have to spend money to earn money” aptly applies here!


#8 weForms


weForms is a newer plugin on the market, but don’t let that dissuade you.

In its arsenal of features, it offers an amazingly easy to use drag-and-drop interface, shortcode, conditional logic and analytics, and gives you the opportunity to apply wordpress contact forms anywhere!

Pricing &  Features,

The free version lets you create unlimited forms, integrates with MailPoet and Slack, and protects you from spam.

The premium plans are where the magic lies though. Starting at $39/year and going up to $199/year – they offer PayPal, Stripe, Aweber, and Hubspot integrations, along with SMS notifications and ticket-based support.

Looking for PDF submissions, email lists, and Google Analytics?

They have got that as well. weForms is on the market to remind us to sometimes root for the underdogs of the contact form plugin marketplace!

#7 HappyForms


HappyForms is a plugin that is developed and maintained by ThemeFoundry, which already has expertise in the WordPress theme domain.

Expanding their reach into contact forms hasn’t stopped their momentum though – they offer great features like dashboard analytics, saving abandoned responses, password protection, conditional logic, and reCaptcha.

They stay true to their words when they say unlimited forms can be created – there are no hidden fees involved.


While you can use their free plan as long as you like – with their premium plans starting at $49/year and extending up to $249/year they can certainly compete with the more well-known plugins.

If you’re worried about integrations – don’t worry, they support PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, ConvertKit, SendinBlue, and Google Analytics just to name a few.

Furthermore, you can choose to pay the plan’s price and own the product forever – but you won’t get updates after the initial year is over.

With such a great pricing model and features, HappyForms is on the path to the top!

#6 Everest Forms


Looking for a form builder with solid features?

Everest Forms is one of the top contenders then. A project of the team from WPEverest.

It offers a plethora of options like drag-and-drop builder, mobile responsiveness, Recaptcha and translation.


They even support unlimited contact forms in their free tier – so you don’t need to find ways to recycle old forms!

Upgrade to their premium plans and you get access to style customizers, PDF form submissions, geolocation, multipart forms, and integrations like MailChimp, PayPal standard, Zapier, and Stripe!

Their personal plan starts at $49/year and extends up to an agency plan at $199/year which supports unlimited websites!

With an anti-spam honeypot and email notifications, you’ll be confident that you made the right choice in choosing Everest Forms!

#5 Ninja Forms


Ninja Forms is designed for those with no tech experience (but still supports those who have it).

Believing that you don’t need to hire a developer for features like inserting attachments, accepting payments and donations, and campaign monitoring they strive to provide the best building experience to first-time designers and veterans.

Having been used by some of the giants like Disney, Lucasfilm, Harvard University, and The New York Times – you can trust that what they offer is really useful.


They have a very diverse and wallet-friendly pricing model, with a personal plan starting from $49.50/year up to an agency plan that costs $249.50/year.

But what if you wanted to mix and match according to your requirements?

You can do that too with their ‘à la carte’ plan which lies in the range of $29 to $129 according to the features you choose.

With 40+ adds on to mix and match – you’ll have a blast creating those spectacular forms!\

#4 VFBPro


VFBPro takes a very different stance from other plugins. It charges users per site, and not per year.

With a basic plan that includes unlimited forms and fields, starting at $29 that is simply a one-time payment, it is certainly easier on your wallet than others.

But that isn’t all – they also support data validation, spam verification, rules building, and uploading attachments.

You can even try out their free version (with limited features) forever – and then when you want to upgrade they’ll seamlessly take care of the data migration process!

Have to manage multiple websites?

Their developer bundle, coming at a one-time payment of $199 can help you build great contact forms.

If you want to design custom email starting from core HTML – they support that too.

Being GDPR compliant is the cherry on top. VFBPro is a great solution for those looking to make a one-time expense regardless of the number of websites they manage – definitely deserves a thumbs up!


#3 Formidable Forms


Using a powerful adjective in their name, formidable forms is truly…formidable!

With features like multi-page forms with progress bars, smart forms with conditional logic, online calculator forms, and save-and-continue – customers will have a blast filling up the form itself!

In addition to these incredible features, they also support ‘repeater fields’ which allow customers to add fields should they desire.

Want to give customers a chance to review before they submit?

Yep, it can do that too. Wow.


Consisting of three premium plans, starting from $99.38/year and extending up to $399.53/year – it is a bit heavier on the wallet.

But, for that price tag, you can integrate with other plugins like MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, and Salesforce.

Did we also mention they support unlimited forms, monitoring campaigns, and form action automation?

With all those features by your side, customers are bound to feel acknowledged before hitting that “submit” button!

#2 Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms is a powerful way of attracting customers to your business, boasting features like 30+ ready to use form fields, conditional logic, email notifications, file uploads, and advanced mathematical calculations.

They even offer elite add-ons, that allow you to integrate surveys, quizzes, polls, and video recordings into your forms!

Talk about an all-in-one solution.


While they don’t have a free version, they do offer a demo before you buy.

Their basic plan starts at $59/year, but they offer an elite package at $259/year as well.

The key difference is that the elite package allows you to create unlimited forms and entries on unlimited websites while the basic plan restricts you to one.

If you’re looking to build multiple websites – this plugin can certainly handle the workload.

#1 WPForms


Looking for an easy to use interface to build custom forms?

WPForms has your back.

Supporting a variety of forms such as contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, newsletter forms, and registration forms – searching for the appropriate form is not going to be a hassle.

In fact, they also have spam filtering, allow users to upload files, are mobile-friendly, and provide instant notifications.

They offer two forms of their plugin: Free and Premium.

The free version has the basic features such as a drag-and-drop contact form builder, but to extract the full power of their offerings you definitely want to check out their premium plans. Starting from $39.50/year (and extending up to $299.50/year) you can get access to features like unlimited forms, entries, file uploads, 1 year of support & updates, along with spam protection and conditional logic. And if you go for the higher tier plans – you can even integrate PayPal and Stripe into your contact forms!

Wrapping up,

Listening to customer’s problems is one of the most important factors that will enable you to grow your business, and using a well-designed contact form is one of the ways to their heart!

With any of the contact form plugins for WordPress, you can be sure that your WordPress website has the best contact forms out there – another way to make your competitors jealous!


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