10 Best WordPress Email Subscribe Plugins to Get More Subscribers

The hardest task for advertisers was ensuring that their clients could get one-on-one Meetings with potential customers.

However, in the digital era, even small bloggers and small businesses can outcompete the larger advertising firms. How?

Two words – email marketing.

Now, I predict that there are bells ringing in your mind as the word ‘SPAM’.

Don’t worry – I won’t be going down that dark path.


In this article, you’ll get to know about

  • Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins.
  • Best Newsletter Plugins for WordPress.
  • WordPress Email Subscribe Plugins.

so that you can create a huge list of potential customers.

Is Email marketing worth it?

Still not convinced about the whole ‘email marketing’ thing? Fine – let’s talk about it!

As a content creator, blogger, or business you’d like to ensure that your customers (or subscribers) are aware of the progressive decisions you’re making.

You might even write articles on your blog consistently but might not be getting the traffic you expected. It happens.

Individuals forget to check your blog, have other priorities, and sometimes just take a break from the Internet.

But one thing that they consistently check? Email.

In fact, 49% of customers have reported that they would like to receive promotional emails about their favorite brands on a weekly basis according to a report by Statista.

Furthermore, DMA reports that every $1 spent on email marketing returns, on average $42. Wow!

Pair promotions with valuable content you send every week and your customers are bound to browse around, purchase your products and recommend them to their friends.

The point is, email marketing isn’t spam – if you go about it the right way.

Now the next question that you are probably wondering about is – how do I go about doing all this email marketing?

Email marketing isn’t easy, as you’re sending emails to thousands (or millions) of individuals, integrating forms, and providing valuable content all at the same time.

But there are solutions – in fact, there are 10!

Okay, 10 curated solutions from us to you – but we recognize their value and by the end of this article hopefully we’ll have you paired with one that suits you best.

So, let’s dive into the list of the Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins.

Mailchimp – WordPress Email Subscribe Plugin


Mailchimp is one of the industry titans in the email marketing industry.

They provide features like custom domains, surveys, templates, 1-click automation, and marketing channels – in their free plan.

If that isn’t good enough, know that you can expand your email marketing up to 2,000 contacts before paying a single penny!

Find yourself needing more, and you can access benefits like custom branding, 24×7 support, advanced audience insights, and multivariate testing – all starting at $10.66/month.

They have also won 4 Gold Stevie Awards in 2020, have a well-documented knowledge base, and can seamlessly integrate with other plugins.

Let’s move on to our next WordPress Email Subscribe Plugins.

Mailster -Ultimate WordPress Newsletter Plugin


Mailster is another fantastic email marketing tool out there. With access to a beautiful dashboard, where you can view statistics like geolocation, total recipients, a number of opens, click rates, and much more!

They also integrate well with other plugins like Google Analytics, WooCommerce, and reCaptcha.

But there is another feature that truly knocks the ball out of the park is that Mailsters business model is ‘pay-$59-once-and-receive-lifetime-updates’.

You can read that again if you need to! With great features, a one-time payment, and the presence of an incredible knowledge for any customer queries, Mailster is a great choice!

OptinMonster – WordPress Email Marketing Plugin


OptinMonster is another service that is known for its expertise in the email marketing domain.

They have a trademarked technology called ‘Exit-Intent’ Technology which “Detects user’s mouse behavior and shows them a targeted message as they are leaving.”. That’s a game-changer!

But the power of the tool doesn’t stop there. In addition to geolocation targeting, a drag-n’-drop builder, a variety of campaign types, personalized targeting, and seamless integration with other plugins – you can increase your revenues while leaving customers satisfied and looking for more.

Their basic plan starts from $9/month and extends up to their growth plan which is around $49/month.

And if that doesn’t cover your requirements – you can contact their sales team for enterprise-level contracts.

The Newsletter Plugin


Looking for WordPress Email Subscribe plugins that provide you support for sending unlimited emails, powerful tracking features, a solid visual composer, and is fully documented?

Then newsletter is your go-to plugin!

It started off as a completely free plugin, and in many ways still is.

However, if you’re looking for advanced analytics, reports integrate with Facebook & WooCommerce, and supports Amazon’s SES service – The newsletter is the email plugin for your wordpress website.

Its premium plans start off at $49/year, which includes one year of free updates and you can expand to their agency version if you’re planning to install the plugin on a large number of websites.

With a dedicated section for documentation and a community-oriented forum – you’re sure to see a multifold increase in the number of subscribers and customers!

Sumo List Builder


Sumo is one of those names that you inevitably read about when you search for an Email marketing plugin for your wordpress website.

With action-packed features like social media sharing, visitor targeting, A/B testing, email campaigns and integrations, and sound analytics – you’re sure to generate revenue from their awesome service!

If you’re looking for more advanced analytics, eCommerce design templates, support an unlimited number of subscribers and view statistics about those emails you’re sending.

You can upgrade to their Pro version – which comes at a cost of $39/month.

With Sumo List Builder by your side (and their fantastic customer support), your reach is bound to be far and wide!

IceGram Email lead generation plugin


Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram is a potential WordPress email marketing plugin for the new content creators.

Boasting an open-source plan that supports unlimited contacts & campaigns – your wallet will thank you for choosing this plugin!

Furthermore, it offers basic security and integrations so that you can compete with the larger firms out there!

Upgrade to their premium version, which starts at $6.50/month and you gain access to premium email templates, customer support, automatic sending, captcha, and even integrate with WooCommerce.

If you don’t like recurring payments, don’t worry. They also offer a $249 plan where you pay once and get access to a lifetime of updates.




MailPoet3 is a wonderful WordPress Email Subscribe plugin for all your email marketing needs.

Consisting of features like inactive subscriber notifications, customizable signup forms, and WooCommerce integration – you’re sure to see those revenue digits add more zeroes!

Not only does it have one of the best in class delivery rates but it is also GDPR compliant by default.

In fact, they don’t have a premium version – or a free one!

They offer all of their services to new customers for free and only charge them if the number of subscribers exceeds 1,000!

That means you have enough data from the get-go to generate profits and then pay for more profits!

That’s totally a win-win any way you look at it!

WP Subscriber Pro


WP Subscribe Pro is one of the powerful  WordPress Email Subscribe plugins that provides caching, optimized speed and supports widgets out-of-the-box.

It also supports Feedburner, MailChimp, and Aweber for free! But, I know – you want more.

If you upgrade to its Pro version, you can use it on 3 websites for a mere $29/year and receive one-year of updates.

With access to cookie expiration and flushing, shortcodes, popup animation, and triggers, along with an option to exclude pages or posts – the Pro version is sure to satisfy all your requirements!



SendinBlue strives toward the goal of making sure you get up close and personal with your customers.

In fact, it goes beyond WordPress email Subscribe plugin with support for chat and SMS marketing.

Built with support for analytics, marketing automation, segmentation, and landing pages, forms, and Facebook ads designed to convert, you can be sure you’re inexperienced hands.

If that isn’t enough, you also have access to open & click-through reports, A/B testing, and email heat map, real-time statistics, and powerful API to integrate with other plugins.

Another key selling point is its ability to support 300 email contacts a day in its free tier, but you can expand that capability by subscribing to their Lite version which starts at $25/month.

If you’re an enterprise, they offer custom plans through their sales should you desire!

With SendinBlue by your side, you are sure to achieve your most ambitious marketing goals!



I’ve saved one of the bigshots of the email marketing industry for last for a reason – marketers quote Hubspot’s reports for the value they bring.

With a beautiful UI that is easy to navigate, you are sure to grow your traffic, increase sales.

Also, you can track your reader base while paying zero fees.

With dynamic tools like user analytics, integration with Facebook, Google, Instagram and Linkedin ads along with forms and contact management that are built to drive traffic to key pages, convert qualified visitors into leads, and track customer behaviors, there is digital gold to be struck!

They have two versions – a free plan and a paid one. The free one has the features mentioned above, but the paid plan is what it’s all about.

With access to their entire suite of marketing tools, like SEO, blog & content creation tools, and landing pages designed to convert – the price tag of $800/month is steep but worth it.

To add a cherry on top, they’ll also help you out with social media with their custom tools to engage followers and fans!

Wrapping Up,

Email marketing may seem like a complicated concept. But at its core, it’s simply sharing what you are excited about with your subscribers. From brainstorming sessions to operations – the journey of bringing your product into a reality is a feeling that is priceless.

Pick any of the WordPress Email subscribe plugins that suit your need and grow your customer base.