Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin for any Small Business

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Using WordPress Page builder Plugin for your small business website could be a cost-cutting factor.

Also, If you are just moving your business online it would be fun to Customize your WordPress website on your own.

But, But How do you decide the best Free WordPress Website builder Plugin for your site?

How to install a WordPress page builder plugin on your website?

How much does the premium  Drag and Drop WordPress Page builder plugin costs?

Well If all these questions are running through your mind this article is just for you.

At the end of this article, I can surely say you will be able to decide

  • The best free wordpress website page builder plugin.
  • Whether you should go for Free or Premium.
  • How to install the WordPress page builder plugin and start customization.

Before talking about Let me share one thing,

Why  WordPress Page Builder Plugin Required?

Have you ever wondered what design principles were used in creating Amazon’s homepage?

The answer to that question is one keyword around which the company has revolved around since its inception on July 5, 1994: simplicity.

In fact, think about the browsing experience – their website feels like a warehouse. And this isn’t a mistake.

One thing that any website must convey, within 2 seconds, is its intent.

A picture speaks a thousand words – and a well-designed website converts visitors into customers.

If you’re looking for some help in building your WordPress website, then you might have two options.

  1. Hire a Profession WordPress Developer to code and build your custom website.
  2. Learn and use wordpress Website Page builder to Customize your website without a single line of code.

So, If you choose option two, you’re in luck.

What to look in a Drag and Drop WordPress Page builder?

Well, as you choose to customize your own wordpress website with drag and drop wordpress page builder you should look into some factors to choose the best one.


The first impression is the last impression. If you believe this, then you need to check how does this looks.

Is it easy and understandable for you?

Could you find the feature you want to add to your page easily?

If the answer to all the questions is yes, then the WordPress page builder has a good user interface no doubt.

Ease of Use

The second comparing factor is How easy it is to do all the things required?

Whether it is to add an image or title on your page.

Or might be publishing the page after customization.

All these factors I count under ease of use.

So check if it is easy to make the customization or changes after customization with this drag and drop wordpress page builder.

Styling & Templates

What features does the best WordPress page builder plugin should consist of?

My answer to that question will be the number of available styling options, a library of pre-built templates.

The styling features enable you to add more customized elements where the pre-build templates help you to create the site faster.


While comparing the Page builder plugins, flexibility is another factor I always look into.

Could you make live edits using this?

Does this page builder plugin help you to create a mobile responsive website?

All these questions should be cross-checked if you’re picking a drag and drop wordpress page builder.


One thing, You should be clear about  WordPress Website Builder Plugins,

That is a Page builder plugin basically works based on the existing wordpress theme and default wordpress editor.

So Compatibility is also important in a  WordPress page designer plugin.


Security is such a factor, many small business owners neglect it.

But If you are choosing WordPress as CMS, security is the most important concern.

And while choosing the page builder for your wordpress website, check it once.


Seems you are almost aware of the factors, criteria to look into a  WordPress Website Page builder plugin.


Should We dive into the WordPress Page Builder comparison now?

WP Page Builder

Wordpress Page builder plugin, wordpress website builder for small business

If you’re looking for a builder that allows for real-time frontend building, flexible row-column layouts, a library to save your designs, and ready-to-use predesigned blocks then WP Page Builder is the builder you want.

The features don’t stop there – you also have access to wordpress widgets, translation ready design, and developer support.

Did I mention that they have tutorials aimed at beginners as well?

Well, that would be a plus, if you are looking to design the whole website by yourself.

Pricing :

WP Page Builder has a three-tier pricing model, with its single license starting at $29/year,

5 license pack at $59/year and an unlimited license at $99/year.

They also provide 1 year of support with each plan.

If you’re looking for a free version, they have that too – with limited templates though.

And if you want to pay a one-time fee, they have plans starting at $299/year which carries with it lifetime updates and support!

What are you waiting for?  Grab this plugin and build that fantastic website of yours! or you should check the  Wp Page builder alternatives.

Beaver Builder

Beaver builder, WordPress Page builder plugin, wordpress website builder for small business

With more than 175,000 websites using this to build their sites, Beaver Builder is a fantastic option for professionals and WordPress beginners.

Need a real-world example?  The late Carrie Fisher used it for her website.

If it’s good for Leia, then it’s definitely worth it for sure!

But still, hear out the features nonetheless.

Mobile Responsiveness? Check.

Live Front-End editing? Check.

Tuned and optimized for SEO? Check.

You see, they really have got building WordPress websites under their belt.

Pricing :

The free lite version has some basic features mentioned above but the paid versions are truly amazing. Their premium plans start at $99 for freelancers and go up to $399 for agencies.

While this is a bit on the higher end – know that all plans support unlimited websites and world-class support for 1 year.

They even give you premium models and templates as part of the package.

Is it something you consider to have ? or Would you like to explore the Beaver Builder alternatives.

Divi – WordPress Page Builder

Divi WordPress Page builder plugin, wordpress website builder for small business

Divi has got to be one of the most recognizable names when it comes to building WordPress websites – and for a good reason too.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop option that is built with thousands of designs to choose from, the ability to customize CSS, and inline text editing the possibilities are endless!

Divi also gives you the option to save your themes, so you can tweak certain designs by the season.

With more than 800 pre-made designs ready to go and the ability to control custom transformations in real-time, visitors are definitely in for a surprise!

Pricing :

Divi has two premium plans: $89/year or a one-time fee of $249.

With access to features like unlimited website usage (regardless of your plan choice), premium support, and their custom-built plugins for social media, lead generation, and opt-in, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice.


Elementor WordPress Page builder plugin, wordpress website builder for small business

Elementor is one of those plugins that charge into the marketplace at full throttle.

Providing one of the fastest real-time editing experiences, with custom layouts, typographies, and colors – you get the complete package for designing your own website.

In fact, with CSS filters and blend modes, you have the option to edit images as you integrate them into your website.

It also offers more than 26 background shape dividers, tons of animations, and the ability to build your own widgets!

Pricing :

Its free version is one of the best out there – offering more than 40 basic widgets and 30+ basic templates across any number of sites. Splendid!

Upgrade to its paid version, which starts at $49/year, and you have access to more than 50 Pro widgets, 200+ themes, a WooCommerce builder, and one year of updates and customer support.

This is definitely a plugin that competes with other plugins across all domains like designing, UI, and pricing.

The power of the landing page is in your hands!

I highly recommend going with Elementor WordPress Website Page Builder Plugin above all.


Wrapping up,

We’ve explored the top  WordPress Builders out there today and hopefully, we’ve made the decision-making process a bit easier.

Before we leave you to design your website, I would like to say that you can signup for one of the best-Managed WordPress Hosting Plans to optimize your site’s performance.

In fact, if designing a website sounds a bit time consuming, then I would say that you are completely right.

A great website takes time and passion to build – which is why we at  Hostcode help our clients do that too.

Well, we take a proactive approach when designing websites for our clients – so you can leave all that designing mumbo-jumbo to us.

If you’d like to use the WordPress Page builder Plugin discussed above, feel free to pick one – you’ll be in safe hands.

If you’d like experts taking a look at your website, we’d love to have a chat!

Hope you have a great experience building websites!

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