Best Work from Home Tips for Begineers

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Work from home is now a common word among professionals. The rise of remote work culture is taking place all over the world. COVID-19 has led many organizations to recommend work from home recently.

Many of us may be very familiar and used to this, but for others, it’s completely a new thing.

Working from home is quite great until you start facing challenges with your Cat & Dog. So, here I come up with some work from home tips for those who are really very new with it.  If you are facing challenges with your productivity while working remotely from your home, these are thing you can follow, Let’s Check.

Create a Work Trigger with To-Do List

Work Routine is so much important.  While we work in the office we follow a strict routine.

But when it comes to Work from home, We feel lazy to get started.

So, I prefer to create a Work trigger, which helps the brain to get ready for the day.

Work triggers can be created with a simple Free Hand exercise, making a cup of coffee or reading the newspaper.

But, I prefer to create a  TO-DO list for the day, which helps me to understand what to do and when to do. It is very effective to create a trigger in our brain. Also, a  to-do list increases productivity. As you create your list, think about big, long-term goals, like finishing a project, as well as small goals, like completing tasks that lead to that big goal.

There are many free tools and apps available using which one can create a To-do list. I personally prefer which comes in web and mobile app versions for both Android and iOS.

The simple user interface helps you to note down a list of important tasks you have to complete.

So, Isn’t it a good way to create a working trigger to start the day while working remotely?

Start Early

Do you know the maximum successful person said that they start their day early?

I believe that starting early has the advantage to complete more. But many of us have the problem to get started early while working from home. Our comfy bed holds us back to stay in it for a longer time, isn’t it?

So, only a prepared to-do list can help you to get rid of this.

Get started early, have breakfast and follow the to-do list to make your day much more productive.

Set up a Workspace

A workspace also plays a key role to be productive at the “Work from Home” situation.

Many of us get distracted from the workspace. If you can sit down and productive anywhere then it’s great. Otherwise, a structured workspace will be beneficial to you. Whether it’s a  separate room, a blank desk or just a clean part of your kitchen table.

A perfect working space is always helpful to increase productivity and to work without distraction.

Take a few doses of Motivation

Well, people love doses of motivation, even I love to watch a few motivational videos in between work break.

At the office, we have breaks to talk with fellow co-workers or to support each other mentally. But working from home can be monotonous. Listening to a few motivational TED-talks,  podcasts, or watching a motivational video encourage you to focus on your work and to complete it on due time.


Collaborate with Co-worker

Sometimes it’s hard to manage everything on your own So in office it is easy to get help from your co-worker but what if you are working from home?

Well, I do usually take help from my friends or collaborate with them using some tools.

So, try to collaborate with your friends or any co-workers using the available options like Uberconference for conducting video conference,  Trello,  for project management.

Or, You can use G-suite from google which will surely ease your collaboration with others.


Take a Break.

The break is much-needed thing whether you are in the office or you are working remotely from your home.

You can cook your own meal and have lunch or you can go for a short walk. A small 10 minutes break can refresh your mind and increase your productivity.

There are two things to watch for regarding breaks: mental and physical strain/fatigue/restlessness.


Wrapping up

In conclusion, I can say that work from home is fun and awesome if you adopt the right habits. Just get started with the above-mentioned Work from home tips.



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