20+ WordPress Music Theme for Artist,DJ, Bands (Premium)

This article will introduce the Premium WordPress Music Themes, using which you would love to design a Stunning Music WordPress Website.

As a musician, record label, or podcaster you know how important the role of sound is in our daily lives. When we get up it starts with the chirping of birds and ends with the crickets!

One of the blissful moments that any child or adult experiences are when the music flows through them. When we resonate with music, it feels like we are transported to another dimension.

You probably want to share that beautiful composition with the world – but a poorly designed website can be off-putting. That’s why today we’ll talk about the best premium WordPress Music themes you can choose to elevate your Music website experience!

Let’s get this party started!

1. Apex – Music WordPress Theme

Apex WordPress Music Theme

Apex is a Music Artist WordPress theme that immediately pulls you in with its dark yet inviting design. It integrates every feature that any musician looks for like integration with Spotify & SoundCloud, a sleek but minimal menu, and of course – it keeps the artist front & center.

That means visitors pay more attention to your brand, resonate with it, and eventually click on the little shopping cart icon to purchase your latest work!

2. Moonlight – Music Artist WordPress Theme

Moonlight WordPress Music Theme

Moonlight WordPress Theme is great for designing a Website for Music artists! It keeps the latest work at the forefront while reminding visitors of its creator in the back. In all its subtlety it doesn’t forget to beautifully incorporate a practical menu bar at the top.

This means that visitors can easily follow your next gig, record labels are able to contact you, and fans can purchase your work. Even if someone hasn’t heard of you yet, they’ll definitely be drawn in with this website.

3. Skullz – Rock Band WordPress Theme

Skullz-WordPress Music Theme

If you are into death metal, heavy metal, or hardcore music then this is the best rock band WordPress Theme for you! Not only do you have a bold design but you can also manage events and promotions from the built-in event manager.

If you need to showcase your music, you can easily find a design that works for you (there are more than 10 options to pick from!). With this theme, show your fans that you’re just as hungry as you were when you started!

Rock on!

4. Indigo – Record Label WordPress Theme

indigo-WordPress Music Theme

If you are a record label or producer we haven’t forgotten about you! In fact, this Music WordPress theme is designed specifically with you in mind. You can display the entirety of your artists in the ‘Music’ section, list all performances in ‘Events’, and of course direct fans to  Music stores for purchasing the latest records!

With social media integrated right off the bat you can be sure that visitors share this beautiful website of yours among their audiences. Plus, you can display all your hard-working artists in the ‘Pages’ section.

A solid music producer WordPress theme, No doubt!

5. Podcrafter – Podcast WordPress Theme

Podcrafter-WordPress Music Theme

The Podcrafters isn’t just another podcast oriented theme – it is the podcast WordPress theme. A minimal design that pulls visitors to click that ‘Play Trailer’ button, it shows the no-nonsense approach that you adhere to!

With basic sections like ‘Home’, ‘Episodes’, and ‘Subscribe’ you can write about why you’re unique, list your valuable episodes, and provide an easy method to subscribe to your podcast.

If you need a professional WordPress theme for your podcast – this is the one for you.

6.StreamKing – Podcast WordPress theme

StreamKing-WordPress Music Theme

Okay, can we just first say that StreamKing is an amazing title? You can sort of visualizing it before looking at it! Coming to the Music WordPress theme, you can see how the nightlife background immediately relaxes you.

That relaxing feel is then aided by a beautiful menu on top, which takes you to a grid view of your episodes, showcases your work, or invites brands to sponsor your next episode.

Social media is already built-in, which means your fans can follow you everywhere! Bow down to the podcast king!

7. Outlander – Music Artist WordPress Theme

Outlander-WordPress Music Theme

Outlander is a WordPress theme for Music Artist that tempts you to pick up your keys and take a long ride into nature – while listening to your favorite artist’s work. This is an incredible option for artists especially those that are seeking to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

The theme has a pleasing style that showcases your latest work, a somber photo gallery, and lists your upcoming events. The power of social media can also be used to promote your work and you can view the website in multiple languages so that a global audience can hear your music.

A  theme is worthy of the musician warrior!

8. Karbones -Music Band WordPress Theme

Karbones-WordPress Music Theme

If you are a band then you are going to enjoy this one-pager theme. It lists all the important information about your brand immediately. One thing we like about this Music WordPress theme is that it balances the explosiveness of its design style with attention to textual content.

With links ready to take fans to their preferred music platform or social media platform you can be sure that this is a type of bounce that you want! Take those drumsticks, fling your guitar on your shoulders, and show the world how talented you are!

9. Symphony – Classical Music WordPress Theme

WordPress Music Theme

If you are more into classical music, you’ll want to go with a finer theme like Symphony. It showcases you working in your element in the background while calling for visitors towards the ‘Play’ button to be blown away!

Within the discography section, you can display all your works in a plethora of ways that are sure to wow your fans! And let’s not ignore the beautiful gold social media icons!

A fine experience provided by a refined artist.

10. Studio – WordPress Theme for Producers

WordPress Music Theme

This is a great Music WordPress theme for record labels as well as music producers. Why?

Well, for starters you can display all your features to upcoming artists! Second, its minimal design is quite appealing which means that you can cut the clutter.

You can talk about your studio, show the music that has been produced there, and boast about your artists! A sense of family is not only calming but appealing as well.

If you’re into radio & TV advertising, professional score recording, or talent services – you can create dedicated sections to talk about that as well. We told you that this is a great WordPress theme for record labels!

11. Promote – Artist, Record labels WordPress Theme

WordPress Music Theme

Promote is a shockingly good WordPress Music theme for artists or record labels. It balances the remarkable style of artist promotions while still giving you that professional recording label look.

This allows you to display all of your innovative artists, showcase the tremendous technology by your side, and list all of your events! Who can deny such a powerful theme will attract users?

12. Mandala – Music Artist WordPress Theme

WordPress Music Theme

If you need a Music WordPress Website that immediately draws in visitors to listen to your tracks, Mandala is the theme that you can greatly benefit from. With beautiful gold and black design ornate with the white text you can be sure that it displays a refined sense of character.

It also lets you manage your events, list your artwork, and provide contact information to those that wish to get in touch. A fantastic option for artists around the world!

13. Podcastr – WordPress Podcast Theme

WordPress Music Theme

This is a sensational WordPress theme for podcast creators that weaves together the power of the purposeful design with welcoming colors. There is a lot you can do with the theme – showcase your episode list, call on sponsors, and even provide a stunning contact page.

If your goal is to reveal to your visitors that you strive to provide the best content then you can definitely achieve that with this WordPress Podcast theme!

14. Standup – WordPress Theme for Artists

WordPress Music Theme

If you are a standup comedian looking for a website that is going to invite users to your latest shows and events – this is it! Not only does it provide visitors with a fantastic view of your upcoming shows but also lets you share your thoughts via the blog section.

You can also share your podcasts within a dedicated section, have an integrated Instagram feed, and translate your website in any language! Let this theme be your stage as you bring laughter to the world!

15. Soundman – WordPress Theme Film Makers

WordPress Music Theme

Filmmakers and composers gather round for this theme are built exclusively for you! Mixing the visual appeal of strong geometric design with the perfect touch of smooth transitions you can rest assured that you’re communicating elegance and perfection to your visitors.

Soundman also has the ability to showcase your work in more than ten ways, shares your contact details, and easily integrates with WooCommerce. Your sales are about to take off with this gorgeous theme!

16. Prodigy -WordPress Music Theme

WordPress Music Theme

Prodigy can mesmerize your viewers in a way that other themes won’t. How do we know? We stared at this theme for two minutes before realizing that we have to write about it!

Beautifully integrating the music player in the bottom, it gives visitors a chance to listen to your best work before exploring more. It also simplifies the menu by giving them access to the music store directly.

It also provides the ability to seamlessly integrate video into the pages. One unique feature is that when you click on the menu icon it zooms out to give a desktop experience! How’s that for standing out from the crowd?

17. The Crew – WordPress theme for Music Blog

WordPress Music Theme

If you’re looking to provide a visual experience as soon as someone visits your experience this can really help you out with that. The video loads smoothly play without any jitter and can act as a launching pad for other sections.

Browse down and your fans will immediately see the list of upcoming gigs and access the music store. Plus, with a dedicated blog section, you can provide valuable updates on the activities of your band!

Here’s to the crews striving to change the world through music!

18. Magnetic – Record Labels WordPress theme

WordPress Music Theme

Record Labels understand that their most valuable asset isn’t cutting-edge tech or expensive equipment. It’s their people. With Magnetic, you can bring the spotlight on them!

Scroll down and you can share your popular tracks, offer promotions, and share news about what’s happening in the label. That means visitors can jump to the section they are interested in the most!

With a simple vertical bar on the left acting as the foundation, fans can reap the benefits of an intuitive design. Let the world hear the power of your art!

19. Kronoxx – WordPress Theme for DJ

WordPress Music Theme

Kronoxx is a solid option for those that seek to challenge the beliefs of others through the power of music. That’s why it’s perfect for DJs and Nightclubs. Show visitors that these are places of enjoyment – and not to be viewed with fear.

You can showcase your latest events to drive the message that here, you can enjoy with your close friends. In fact, you can also get creative and use it as a music producer to share your work.

With smooth transitions and parallax effects, your voice will be heard around the world!

20. Kimchee – Individual Music Artist Theme

WordPress Music Theme

Kimchee is a fantastic option for new artists. It provides you with the ability to integrate your Soundcloud account, list all of your events, and provide contact details to the industry.

It’s fully responsive which means that you don’t have to worry about the viewing experience on laptops vs mobile.

Need to share your thoughts on certain events?

With a dedicated blog section, your fans will be happy to read about your ideas! And of course, with all social media streams integrated you can direct them to a whole new experience with each click!

21. Beats – WordPress Theme for Dj

WordPress Music Theme

Beats is a great theme for DJs and music producers. Combining a seductive red palette with smooth transitions your visitors will be excited to find the quality of your music on your website!

Not only does it allow you to post about your next event, but it also allows fans to listen to your work as they browse the site. The store is always a click away which means sales are easier than ever before!

Your fans will be nodding their heads to your beats with this theme by your side!

22. Milend – SongWriters WordPress Theme

Milend -WordPress Music Theme

Milend is a true gift for singers and songwriters. It allows you to capture the visitors with a live background video. Furthermore, you can select a few tracks that they can listen to directly from the website.

Want to integrate your Instagram feed? You got it. Or how about your latest video? You can do that too!

If you already have a few videos you can even create a dedicated page for that. The same applies to a large gallery of pictures! Basically, you can curate the best content and offer that to your loyal fans!

Who says that music can’t be aesthetic?

23. Downbeat – HipHop Music WordPress Theme

WordPress Music Theme

Downbeat is a great option that allows you to create a “came up from the bottom” feel. With a minimal audio player at the bottom of the website, you can enable your visitors to actively participate in the browsing experience.

One unique feature it has is a countdown timer integrated with the event list. That is a great way to let the fans book those tickets fast!

You can also write a small bio and spice it up with a stylish photo that integrates with your SoundCloud or merch banners. That means connecting well and more with your fans!

24. Cornerstone – Responsive Music WordPress Theme

WordPress Music Theme

Cornerstone is a theme that seeks to elevate musicians and artists on the internet. With a fully responsive design, you can be sure that it works on the variety of mobile devices your diverse audience has.

With exquisite transitions that entice users to stay on the page as they browse, you are bound to generate some sales as they reach the end of the home page itself. Booking tickets is actually a part of the event listing meaning that visitors only need to perform a single click.

And what about sharing news about your band or your individual work?

Well, with a dedicated section for that and a blog – you can be sure that your ideas have a safe place to live. And of course, your music store is always available on top so that fellow artists, composers, producers, or fans can purchase your tracks immediately.

25. Castopress – Podcast WordPress Theme


Castopress is the last theme we’ll talk about but that doesn’t mean it’s any less than the other ones. If you are looking for a casual yet inviting theme then boy does this theme deliver.

It also supports listing and playing your podcast episodes, showcasing your latest blog posts, and showing users where they can subscribe to get the latest content.

The About Page is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen – something we’re sure your visitors will appreciate as well. But that’s not all!

The shop section is minimally designed, with visitors always being a single click away from purchasing your work. And the contact page is inviting enough that maybe you’ll have fans asking to interview you for their podcast!

Wrapping Up,

Whew! That was a long list of Music WordPress Theme.

If you’re wondering about the prices, know that these themes start at $59 and come with one year of support and updates! Isn’t that incredible?

Music websites are tough to build, but these themes are a great option that reduces your workload and allows you to focus on what counts – making wonderful music.

In fact, if you need help setting up your music website we would be happy to help you out. We also raise the bar by providing you with  WordPress Website Security.

Music has the power to change the world – and we’re excited to hear what you have made!