Robot with emotions like girlfriend do exist?

If you hit a robot does it move appropriately like a human? If you kick the robot even it will not give any response.Even the tough steel hand cannot give you any pleasure if you have a desire to dance with a beautiful girl robot serving drinks in Dubai.This kind of robot is now hackneyed, working on the old concept.

life like robots

Recently the robots are getting a skin like Human body which can sense. Seems like if you pinch the robot’s hands the robot will put off your hand from his/her body like a real Human. The more interesting thing is if you want to hug the robot, the robot will hug you tightly like your girlfriend. This is a robot with emotions like girlfriend.

Whether the movement of the steel structured robot was invented in two decades ago still they are steel structured robots only.They have neither emotions nor feelings.But the Professors of Hoston University is now changing the whole concept of a robot. They transformed the Steel structured robots into the real human. You are thinking its anomalous but this is real. The professors doing the research are from Electro-Chemical Physics department of Hoston University.

Before discussing the transformation of the robots let us know first how Human skin work.The circulation of energy in human body is the done by creating pressure or heat on the skin.Thus how a human skin can sense.A different level of positive Ion flows when this heat and pressure changes on the skin.That positive ion subject to help the other parts of the body to work. The scientist and researcher from Hoston University applied the same concept of flowing positive ion on the Robots.

In that case, the Scientist uses the polymer compound of silicon known as Polydimethylsiloxane (in short PDMS). “This half conductive compound will be able to transfer electricity,” said  Kuyen Xiang Ao. He said, ” PDMS is such a compound which is able to Ionization in small pressure and heat”.

Recently the concept is published in a Science Journal. Where Kuyen claimed that this transformation of the robot will help the future medical research.

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