Medical Practice Website Design Tips 2022

Medical Practice website design is complex but it should meet your end goal that is to generate more leads using your website.

The website is a  great marketing tool in this tech-era. It creates your digital identity and the first impression of your business. Patients are now searching for doctors online, and that’s why your online presence and website design matters.

Many medical practitioners, unfortunately, don’t know how to design a Medical Practice website which helps to attract the patients and convert them into a confirmed appointment in an inexpensive way.

A poorly designed Medical practice website with outdated technology can distract your potential patients whether a Patient-centric Medical website design can help you build your credibility as a doctor.

So, What exactly you should care about while designing your Medical Practice website in 2020?

Here are some tips you should follow,

1.Mobile Responsive Design :

According to Google statements, 60% Of total Search Queries globally come from Mobile Devices. Your patient uses different devices so one size will not look the same in all the devices. Therefore your website should be responsive i.e every device will show the content of your website according to the screen size of the device.


2. A Clear  CALL TO ACTION Button:

A call to action button on your website is being used to tell your website visitors to take the necessary action on your landing page. This is widely known as the CTA button. This CTA button guides your users to take the next step towards conversion, which is usually your main goal.

The CTA varies according to your website style, but it should be properly visible and a little bigger than other buttons available on the same page. Some very common examples are :

  • ADD TO CART buttons.
  • SIGN UP FOR FREE buttons
  • DOWNLOAD buttons.

But, If you have a medical practice website the ” SCHEDULE NOW “, “BOOK APPOINTMENT” CTA buttons will work best for you to convert your visitors.

CTA buttons are very specific with the main goals of conversion.

3. Offer Online Appointment Booking :

Self-scheduled appointment not only saves your time but nowadays people are finding it useful as it saves their time too. Your medical practice website should offer an ” Online appointment booking” feature to your patients, it will help you to manage all the online bookings in a single place.

Along with this, the online appointment booking will ensure the success of your website as you will know how many visitors you are getting from your website.

Scheduling appointments via phone requires an individual receptionist to handle all the calls during office hours and the patient also can call you only your office timings.

Whether your website is online 24×7 thus it allows your patient to book online 24×7.

4. Showcase Testimonials :

The new generation internet user do lots of research online before considering any service they want to opt-in. A report says,92% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of consumers trust the online reviews as much as the personal recommendation.

Therefore, showing testimonials of your previous customers help the new visitor to trust your medical services. When a visitor interacts with your review, three things happen. :

  • 58% more likely to convert.
  • Generate 62% more revenue per site visitor.

So, while building or redesigning your healthcare website, add the “Testimonial Section” in the Website Designing Checklist.

5. Focus on Content :

Content is king. This is the most important part you should focus on. Content delivers the right message about your services to the visitors. The content assures the preliminary success of your website.

Videos, Images, Designs, etc. these are all the components of the Content which provide secondary support. The content of your website should be based on your target audience or target persona.

If you build the content of your website according to your target market it will help you to engage them on your website and take the proper action.

You can add a blog section on your website and provide valuable content to your target user to educate them about your service. One of the benefits of publishing good educational content about your service is people will find your business via online searches.

Along with this, you can add original photographs /images, videos of your clinics on the website, which will represent your clinic and will engage your visitors on a personal level. But remember don’t use Stock photographs too much as many of the businesses are using the same images and it will not differentiate your services from others.

6. Search Engine Optimization :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what generates organic traffics (visitors) for your website.SEO is a method to optimize your website with some focused keywords which your target audience do search online to find similar services you provide.

There are two types of SEO, the most effective one is On-Page SEO i.e the optimization of your Website Pages from tittle tag to Images alt tag and also the optimization for page loading speed.

To do the SEO for your Medical Practice website, you can find the related keywords to your services and create the content of the website around those keywords.

SEO will help you to rank your website on the search result and gain the benefits for a longer time.

7. Keep It Simple :

Ensure that your Medical Practice website is simple. A simple website converts more visitors than a complicated one. The layout of your website should be simple which will help the users to understand the contents of your pages. Make sure the color scheme of your website is simple too, Medical websites usually use a blue color scheme.

Conclusion :

A branded Medical website design is very important in 2020 to create the online presence of your Clinic. Moreover, a website helps you to extend your business online by reaching more new customers who usually search online before making a decision.

Hire Professional WordPress Developer to Create your Medical Website

Using a branded website you can offer online appointment scheduling services, which will not only help you to manage your day to day patient list but it will help you to stay relax. after all  a doctor is human too.

So, If you are looking for a Medical Practice Website Design in 2020, you should follow the tips.