TOP Android & iOS Invoice maker apps for Small business

Searching for the best Invoice Maker app for Android or your iOS device?

Whether you’re a freelancer, independent business owner, or small business owner starting as a self-employed then you’re well familiar with generating Invoice.

A good Invoice generator app could help you to run your business operations smoothly.

It is obvious, to know how to deal with your clients who are your loyal customer and manages all the invoices of them without any hassle.

There are many invoice generator apps available for online development by many companies.

If you’re not sure about choosing the right one then let’s find out the best invoice maker app for [eafl id=”1121″ name=”Finance Insurance Loan website Design” text=”small businesses”].

So, let’s get started. Stay with me!

Criteria to choose the best invoice maker app

A few factors you should look for while choosing the invoice generator app,


  • Invoicing would be automated so that recurring invoices can easily be sent to your clients on-time. It will be easy to access & manage.
  • It should be capable of making a custom template so that you can pre-load some designs of your preferences & add your brand logo with colours.
  • Payments invoices should be easy so that your clients can easily make payment through credit cards & other third party payments.
  • It could give an on-time alert to the clients so that they know if their payment is paid, unpaid, past-due. you can easily be sent a reminder to them.

Now let’s check the list of available online invoice apps.

1.Wave Invoicing – Invoice maker app

Wave Invoicing-invoice maker app for android and iOS

The wave invoicing app is easy to use.

You can consider it as the best free invoice app for android.

Using this you can send unlimited customized, professional invoices for free.

Morethan, 3.5million customers around the world are using this invoice maker app to manage the day to day finances.

What you can do with  Wave Invoice maker app?

  • You can create beautiful, customized invoices along with your own logo and your preferable template.
  • Easy to check invoice status whether it (sent, viewed, overdue, paid)
  • Use credits card and bank payments to get paid even faster.
  • Send reminders of invoice and receipt payments
  • You can Record payments and create recurring invoices.

Pricing of Wave Invoicing App

This invoice app comes totally free. You can accept credit cards and they will charge you for that 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction, and bank payments for 1% per transaction.

2.Receipt & Invoice –  Invoice generator app

invoice generator app for android and iOS

This app is a complete package of your Invoice preferences.
Specially designed for any type of  Business Professionals and Service Provider.

It can quickly send the Customized generated Invoice.

Along with you can manage customers data, supplier, items, your signature and your customer’s signature, taxes, discount, shipping, photo.

If you have shipping partners, and clients then the “Receipt & Invoice”  invoice app is most useful for you.

Features of  Receipt & Invoice

  • Generate receipts, invoices, estimates.
  • Create or import the data from your contact list and add more information
  • Discount on items.
  • Exclusive or inclusive tax option.
  • Add shipping value.
  • Signature of your company, signature of your Client.
  • Add photo.
  • Create and send receipts in Pdf.
  • Generate reports in Pdf and Excel.
  • Convert invoice to receipt
  • Convert estimate to invoice
  • Mark invoice as paid
  • Customize your receipt.


This is a paid invoice app. The app costs ₹1,150.00   i.e  $12- $15 USD as a one-time fee.


3.invoicely – Invoice maker app

invoicely- invoice maker app for android and iOS

Invoicely is a powerful easy-to-use invoice maker app.

You can download it for free of charge and the method of invoicing is very easy.

If you’re a  freelancer, small or medium-size business owner

It can accept payments online along with it can help you to track time, keep estimates and expenses records.

Features of Invoicely app,

This app offers a full set of features to create your invoices without hassle.

  • Customize your invoices: Make your invoices shiny with your business logo, colour, and Tag.
  • Accept payments and credit cards: You can make payments and can integrate the payment gateway and can accept payment directly to your account.
  • Save your clients: You can save most of the records of your clients and your’s.
  • Keep your inventory: You can keep the inventory records as well if you’re selling products.
  • Recurring invoices: Invoicely can help you to add recurring features where you can add payments as a subscription basis with instalment.
  • Time tracking: using Invoicely you can keep tally on the time and track the date when you’ve sent the invoice to your client.
  • Taxes, Discounts, and Shipping: Let your clients know about the taxes, discounts, and shipping charges on invoices.
  • All-in-a-one-place:  You can create multiple accounts in a single app.


There are four plans ranging from $0.00 t0 $29.99 USD per month.

Using a free plan you can only generate 5 invoices per month.

And you get unlimited Invoice generation and all features in the Enterprise Plan.

4.Invoice Temple – Invoice generator app

invoice maker app for android and iOS

Here is another Professional invoice maker app for small business owners.  With 4.7 Star Rating in Google Playstore, Invoice Temple has been downloaded by almost 100,000+ users.

If you own business in India then this app is compatible with multiple tax system like (VAT, GST, IGST, CGST, etc).

Features of Invoice Temple app

  • Create invoice, estimates and send immediately.
  • Simple interface to edit invoices and preview generated invoice document.
  • Attach a business or company logo.
  • Smart invoice number.
  • Choose professional invoice templates and fonts.
  • Add a signature to your invoice with the designation.
  • Inbuilt PDF document viewer to view generated invoices while editing.
  • Share or send invoices through email, SMS and Whatsapp.
  • Multiple tax pattern and set your default tax system on the settings.
  • Inventory management. Add & edit products.
  • Client management and get a report of the invoice amount, balance, a bill by the client.
  • Categorized invoices and estimates with easily viewable formats.
  • Multiple currency formats, date formats supported.


You can start for free with this app. But the In-app Purchased indicates it has premium plan ranging from ₹99.00 – ₹799.00 in Indian Currency.

Wrapping Up,

In conclusion, I can say that choose an Invoice maker app-based on the number fo invoice need to generate, the features you need to handle your business operations.

I have listed almost the top Invoice generator apps for small businesses which are available for Android and iOS both. You can choose one according to your need and get started to sending a professional, customized invoice to your clients.