Tripura people again faced Interruption in Internet service for 24 hours.To solve the administration problem Tripura government using “Internet” as a weapon. The drama of Internet blockage started during the protest of IPFT for Tipraland. And after that Tripura witnessed the murder of journalist Mr.Santanu Bhowmik.


To stop the  Spreading of inappropriate messages via social networking site, the Tripura Government again Interrupted the Internet services for four days. Whether some people agree with Tripura government to stop the violence, there are some people also , who faced huge loss due to interruption of the internet services.

As per the Wikipedia report, the state Tripura ranking in the first position for unemployment. But Some people trying to make up this with their own venture. And the Industry like Travelling agency, Online media, bloggers, YouTubers, e-commerce sites are facing huge loss due to this “Internet Blockage Game”.

“Internet blockage is not the proper solution for controlling the situation like that or any violence. Cause it hampers the life of many and it takes away the foods of people whose business is depended on Internet only. ”

“The CM  of Tripura should recruit the Special Cyber Security agency to control the social network violence rather than shutting down the whole internet.”

The Internet is a great tool for earning nowadays but it also can spread violence this is true. But this problem can be solved by blocking all the Social media site including email services. But the whole internet blockage creates depression among the owners of Online Businesses.

As the maximum venture cut the BSNL broadband due to the worst service facility, every venture now own Internet service from private companies like Bharti -Airtel, Jio.

If Tripura government continue the game of “Internet Blockage” further no one will be interested to start their own venture in Tripura. And the Dream of IT HUB will never going to be successful.