Does Internet existed in MahaBharat ?

A biggest troll of the century comes out  from a speech by BJP ruled state , Tripura CM , Mr. Biplab Kumar Deb. The  troll created a question mark about the acceptance of Science and Technology by the sanghi  leaders of BJP. The Sentence “There was internet and satellite  during Mahabharata, otherwise how Sanjay describe the whole event of kurushkhetra to Dhritarashtra”  uttered by Mr. Deb created the mess.

internet in mahabharat

Mr. Deb  claimed that  at an event in Tripura. And surprisingly the support came from the state Governor Tathagata Roy, who tweeted:

The people having science background found that claim totally funny. As there is no proof of such concept in today’s world. But the way Mr. Biplab Deb claimed “My country had the technology years ago, which no country had. I am proud of that and I think every Indian should feel proud. I want to repeat that we should accept the truth and should not get confused”  , it directly showed his arrogance and very poor knowledge in Science. But being in such responsible position How He can Mislead the Youth ?, this  is a big question asked by people in different social media site.

Mr. Biplab Deb ,  find an easy excuse to hide his poor knowledge behind the Nationalism. He repeatedly uttered the sentence ” Those who don’t believe my fact  they are Deshdhrohi ( Anit-National). This was really a  funny and lame excuse by Mr.Deb as per the young generation.

In this era of Globalization, every country  have their own contribution in field of Science and technology , but according to Mr. Deb  every invention  was done in  ancient period of time. The history of Internet tell us,  Vint Cerf. Widely known as a “Father of the Internet,” Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet.

While many right-wing thinkers earlier concluded that this was evidence of television technology, Mr Deb was convinced that it something even more advanced. “There was technology available at that time… internet was there, satellite communication was there… The Europeans and the Americans may claim that it is theirs, but it is actually our technology,” Mr Deb said.

The all social media pages at least  made a troll  on that, and people are still laughing.  Some people are also  claiming  that Mr.Biplab Kumar Deb is the new “Pappu of BJP” . “His funny speech on Technology is really unexpected ” some Bhakts said.