Stephen Hawking
Professor Stephen William Hawking

 “Property of Existing Universe” Released:

World famous scientist Stephen Hawking‘s PhD Thesis are now open for all. This Thesis paper was released in Open Access Week 2017, held on 23rd October to 25th October.This year’s slogan was ‘Open in order to …’.  The name of the PhD Thesis is ‘Property of Existing Universe‘ by the world’s leading physicist and mathematician Stefan William Hawking. The thesis of Stephen Hawking, completed in 1966, was at the Cambridge University Library of Scholarly. Since the thesis is open on the Open Access Week, now anyone can download and read the thesis access.

Cambridge University’s Library Office of Scholarly Communication said in a message, “We allowed PhD thesis to be open to everyone with the permission of Professor Stephen Hawking. From now on, the thesis can be found in Apollo’s Open Access Museum of the University of Cambridge.

stephen hawkingsStephen Hawking said, “Because my PhD thesis is open with Open Access, I hope many people around the world can read this thesis and know this better. Not only anyone in the world can read my thesis but also can use their own studies. “He mentions,” I am proud to be working as a young PhD researcher at Cambridge University where Sir Isaac Newton, James Clark Maxwell and Albert Einstein Like scientists and researchers. ‘

Cambridge University’s Library Office of Scholarly Communication Deputy Chief Arthur Smith said, “PhD thesis can be very helpful in research and acquiring knowledge. From that thought, we have taken this initiative as a source of open access-based research. Through this, all the thesis research that will be available in science, information and medicine matters will be open to everyone so that many others can do better research on these issues.

He said that from this month all the PhD researchers of the University of Cambridge will be credited with the digital copy of their thesis and the researchers who will be willing to open their theses in open access will be made open to everyone, just like the thesis of Professor Hawking’s thesis. We will request alumni of this university, especially to 98 people and organizations of Nobel.

Apollo library service director Jessica Gardner said the Library of Cambridge University, which has a history of 600 years old. There are 20 thousand digital data, 15 thousand research articles, 10 thousand valuable research related photographs and 2,400 theses. Not only this, in the library there are copies of key research by scientists like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, which we are working to do digitally.

Stephen Hawking, who is physically dead and a type of motor neuron, retired from Cambridge University’s ‘Lucasian Professor of Mathematics’, one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutes in 2009. Earlier Sir Isaac Newton was also in charge of this post. Stephen Hawking’s PhD thesis can be found at the Property of Existing Universe or the Property of Existing Universe.