Google Hangouts chat, A new move from  Google in business communication. Google Hangouts chat launched in the last year March along with Google Meets. Hangouts chat is a purpose  to give competition to its competitor like Slack,Microsoft Team etc.

Google included the  core features of G-suite into it. Similar to Slack and other app , Google Hangouts chat allow to create groups and communicate with one on one. It comes with 28 languages right now, and allow 8000 members per group.


It is surely a good news for those, who are already using G-suite. The G-suite users don’t have to pay any extra money for that.  And it come s with all the services of google like Docs, Sheets,Slide etc.When it is Google ,you can expect  AI on that. As google already using @meet_bot and @drive_bot in their existing product. Therefore google means strong emphasis on AI.


Google Offering its partner to integrate their own bot into it. Brands like xero , salesforce ,  Disco , Polly, Streak and others. Developers also can build their own bot.

Google Launched Hangouts Chat in a increasingly crowded field and its surely going to give tough competition to the competitors.