How to Create free stunning logo for your business in 2022

Worried for a logo design for the company? You might be searching for the best free logo design for your business!

But not sure how to get this job done.

Well, Logo is very important for business and branding.

Logo creates the first impression of your business and makes your business idea clear to your customers.

Take an example of any  Big Brands, like Adidas, Nike, Puma in shoes?

or Say Cocacola, Pepsi?   MacDonald’s?

0r say the Internet giant  Google, Microsoft, Amazon?

Every business which is now called a brand has its own logo and I am sure If  I just show you the logo of any of this brand you can recognize it easily.

That’s the power of the logo in branding.

In this article, you will know about,

  • What is Logo?
  • How the logo represents your brand?
  • How to get a logo designed for your small business?
  • List of Best Free Online Logo Maker tools


So If you are looking for ” How to Design a Free Stunning Logo for your Company, Startup of Business” just go through the article, Where I mentioned the Best Free sites to get Logo Designed for Company along with the steps.

Free Logo Design for Business

What is a logo?

A logo is a small piece of design that can be a visual symbol or mixture of Symbol, imagery along with the text of the company’s name. Usually, a logo represents the company’s identity or any product’s identity in the market.

Established brands and companies use their logo to connect with the audience and distinguish themselves from others.

For example, the famous fast-food restaurant company “KFC”  use   Colonel Sanders ‘s face as a logo. Therefore, to recognize the KFC  people don’t need the full name but they can identify by seeing the face of Colonel sanders.


How the logo represents your brand?

If you are running a startup or small business, you must represent your business professionally. A well-designed logo creates your brand’s identity and builds trust with your audience.

The logo also has the power to communicate the ideas, ethics, and beliefs of your business with your targeted audience.

You can use the logo for all the promotional activities and it will help your audience to recognize your brand without seeing the full name of your company.

How to get a logo designed for your company

Getting a logo design free for your small business or startup company is not a tough job nowadays.

Many web portals offer free logo design services.

Also, few advanced free logo design websites are there which helps you to get your logo designed from their AI-powered Logo generator.

So let’s see, the most popular logo design websites and their features and pricing,


Though there are 100 numbers of logo maker websites available online, It is tough to recommend every website.

So as per my experience, I found the Namecheap logo maker is quite an easy and simple free logo maker.

All you have to do is to visit the Link ” Namecheap Logo Maker

  • Click on the “Create Logo” button in red.
  • Then Enter your company name and choose the Industry.
  • After choosing Industry, It will ask you to choose what type of font you love
  • Click on the color palate you like for your brand. ( learn the meaning of Colors in Business )
  • It will ask you to choose your Favourite icon in the next step.

Done, You have just created a free logo design for your company. It will show the multiple formats of your company logo which you can edit modify and download to your computer.

Price: Free

2.Shopify Free Logo Maker for Startup 

Another super easy and free startup website online logo maker I recommend is Shopify Free Logo Maker App.

Designing own Company’s Stunning Logo within minutes for free is fun in this logo maker.

If you are a newbie in the Designing logo, it will help you step by step to get it done easily.

Visit the link  of  Free logo make for business here ” Shopify Logo Creator “

  • Click on Get Started Button in Blue.
  • Choose your business niche Whether you want to design a logo for a Healthcare company or for a Gaming Company you can choose the category.
  • Clicking on next will ask you to choose the style and representation of your logo.
  • In the next step, fill out your Company’s name and slogan.
  • Now choose where actually you want to use your newly designed company logo and click on next.

Hurrah! You get another multiple set of a logo designed by you for your company and that too for free.

Now you can customize the logo as per your choice and download it by signing up with your Email Id and password.

Price: Free

3.Oberlo Free Logo Maker for Business

free logo downloadWant to download free logo?  Oberlo is a superb and easy to use Free logo generator and download tool available online.

If you do not even familiar with the basics of logo designing, this best free online logo maker will help you to get the job done.

To generate free logo and Download online with Oberlo, follow these steps,

  • Visit the Website,
  • Click on “Generate Logo “.
  • On the left sidebar, you can put your business name along with the icon.
  • Here you can customize the size and color.
  • Once you are ready, just hit on ” Get Your Logo ” on the left side of your screen.

Hurrah! You are done with the Oberlo logo maker for free.

Price:  Free.


Wrapping up,

In conclusion, I can say that a  logo is most important for  Small business branding. Your unique business logo generates trust in the customer’s mind about your services and authenticity.

So  If you have just started a  small business or planning to start one.

Choose any of the above mentioned Free online logo maker tools, using which you can  Design a free stunning logo for your  Startup.

Got your Logo Designed?  Now What?

Know-How to Create an Online Presence for your Small Business.