Fitbit versa watch price in India

Fitbit announces the launching of Fitbit versa smartwatch in India. Fitbit wearable devices are the most popular one. So you might have the questions like What will be  the “Fitbit versa watch price in India” ? What are the “specifications of Fitbit versa smartwatch ?”  and the “Fitbit versa lauching date in India” in your mind.So, If we talk about the new Fitbit Versa, it is a new Smart watch from the company.Which can make your life to live best  by empowering health and fitness.

Fitbit versa Specification

The Fitbit Versa smartwatch promise to give 4+Day battery life, which is good enough. And if you are a music lover you can Store & Play More Than 300 Songs. If we talk about modern payment method, yes fitbit versa have contactless payments feature in it. Along with this some features like 

  • Apps, Clock faces & Notifications
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Swimproof**  

are  also included in this smartwatch. This fitbit versa comes with 5 colors including black,silver and pink.

Fitbit versa features

Now you can know yourself and your health better with fitbit versa. Personal Fitbit Dashboard will show you all the statistics From water to workouts, where you can set goals and track your progress  via the fitbit app. Sleep & Stages tracking features will allow you to measure your sleep at night with the insights.Fitbit added a new addons in feature like “Female Health Tracking“. Turning  on female health tracking to log periods, track your cycle and gauge ovulation is added.

Fitbit Versa going to help you to get guidance to reach your goals with its features .PurePulse Heart Rate,Dynamic On-screen Workouts,15+ Exercise Modes,Connected GPS.


So we can expect a best device for the Indians from Fitbit. Now just to wait for the launching date of Fitbit versa in India and along with this the fitbit versa watch price in India.