tokyo olympics 1964
Tokyo Olympics Bag 1964

After 1964, Tokyo became the first to  again celebrate the sports festival.Tokyo is the first Asian city to hold its Olympic role for the second time.


Tokyo Olympics 2020

The economic value of the  Tokyo Olympics can be around three trillion yen. Incheon Tokyo to organize the Olympics to tell themselves to turn around after the 2011 earthquake. It is worth mentioning that in Japan, Japan organized the Olympic Games in 1964 to give their own resurrection after World War II defeat.


Tokyo -Olympic-Stadium

Tokyo has already built many venues to showcase its capabilities. Japan’s planners are designing venues in such a way that 85 percent of the events of the Olympic Village can be organized within eight kilometers.

The 1964 Japan National Stadium will now be used as the main venue for the Olympics. But to make the stadium more attractive, it will be shaped like a flying saucer. The capacity of the stadium is 80 thousand.

According to the Tokyo government, the Olympic Games will create around half trillion yen demand in their tourism industry. It will come from the sale and housing costs of Olympic goods.

With the investment of private sector, it can expire three trillion. In addition, half a million new jobs will be created.


8k technology -tokyo olympics

The biggest surprise of the Tokyo Olympics is the 8K technology.

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be broadcast live. You will see full HD quality video. Here’s the hybrid broadcast system. You can also comment and Tweet, which can be seen on the screen directly by comment and Tweet. You can also see the score and detailed information clearly on the screen.


32-megapixel camera will be used for peak performance. And the camera is a lot more sensitive. And 16 times sharper than a normal camera.


tokyo olympic-8k camera
8k – technology Camera


camera tokyo

This is the camera used to broadcast live in the first ever Tokyo Olympics in 1964, with the full-color video.


Sound Reciever
Sound Reciever in Tokyo Olympic


High Quality Soun recorder
A microphone that allows you to record very good sound quality.


The camera is able to zoom the sound source after listening to the sound.This means that the camera can do it automatically when it is zoomed.It seems that the camera man can relax a bit more than before.

tokyo olympics

You Can view live subtitles We are not able to understand the Japanese language, so it means that the Japanese are being careful in a little earlier.

Tokyo Olympics

Devices that can automatically translate.

Money transfer in Tokyo

There will be an Advance Money Transferring System.

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