A Comprehensive Dental Wesbite Design Guide in 10 Points

As a dentist, having a dental website is a need for an hour! But might have a lot of questions regarding the dental website design,

  • What to keep in your Dental Website?
  • What you should look for in dental website design in 2020?
  • How to market your Dental Practice in 2020?

In this article, I have tried to highlight those points you should care, if you are planning to have a Dental Website to boost your practice.

Before diving into the  details, I just want to clear one more thing i.e

Why dentists need a Dental Website in 2020?

You’ve completed at least six years of rigorous academic studies and training only to find out that not everyone likes going to the dentist!

The sharp tools and emotionless machinery don’t exactly help either.

However, you’ve trained because of your passion to bring out those pearly whites in your clients and add a little magic into their lives.

One of the greatest challenges is bringing your patients into the chair – what you view as the canvas where you work, they see as a source of pain.

But you can change that perception, and in the 21st century what better way than an incredible Custom Dental website!

In this article, I will share the top recommendations for dentists building their own website so that you can make the world a more shiny place – one patient at a time.

From best design practices to what to include in your blog – we’ll take a walk through the journey of molding a pristine website.

So Let’s Check  What to keep in your minds before  Dental Website Design in 2020,

#1 Medical advice isn’t the first step – design is


What’s the first thing you check for whenever you brush your teeth? The foam!

Yet, as you know, foam isn’t really required – it simply acts as an indication that you’re brushing technique is correct.

Similarly, design can help your patients (and potential clients) feel like they can trust you even before meeting you in person.

It can bridge that gap from unfamiliarity to trust much more quickly than any red brick building!

As such, you want to create a website that quells their fears and invites them to a relaxing experience

So, naturally, the question arises – how do I create one?

While that is a complex question, here’s a quick overview.

Websites are powered by Content Management Systems, which is software that allows you to publish information on your website.

There are many (and we’ve compared them in a previous article in which you can check out our article Best CMS for Small Business ” ) but we recommend WordPress.

Not only is it free, but is built for beginners.

You can customize according to your requirements, or hire a [eafl id=”858″ name=”Dental Clinic Website Design” text=”Professional WordPress Developer”] to help you out!

Either way, it is one of the most flexible and secure options out there.

Just remember that the focus on creating an intuitive design – one that invites clients to book an appointment.

A little glitter here and there is fine, but don’t overdo it.

As a motivational insight, Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry, a Seattle-based family dental practice experienced a 100% increase in patient appointments by simply redesigning their Dental website!

#2 An Information Portal is key to conversion

dental website blog setup, dental website design

In the world of consumer goods, people research the products before they buy them.

As a dentist, you can’t really sell shiny teeth to your customers!

What you can do is create an FAQ section where you answer the most common questions like

Does every visit have to be painful?”,

How can I practice oral hygiene at home?” and

How often do I need to book an appointment?”.

You can also create a  Blog section, where you talk about myths, share valuable medical advice, and even offer promotions for your client’s next visit.

Essentially, you are trying to connect with your client before they even step through your clinic’s door.

Building trust can go a long way – especially when it comes to medical situations.

#3 Use real photos in Dental Website Design

As a dentist, you should not rely on stock photos. They try to replicate your surroundings in a studio – but you walk into one every day.

Ask a few patients to pose for a picture from time to time – you can even create a monthly event around this, for example, a 5% discount to the patient with the best pose for the month!

This not only makes the patients feel involved in the experience but also provides you custom photos to add to your website.

Don’t forget your staff as well! Group photos are a wonderful way of showing off your hardworking team to clients – and displays you care about your employees just as much as your patients.

Lastly, take a few photos of yourself in your professional attire as well – it further cements the idea of expertise in the minds of potential clients.

#4 Integrate testimonials across your Dentistry website

Patient testimonials in Dental Website design

Testimonials are a great way to market your brand.

Roadside Dental Marketing reports that 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as a recommendation from a friend – even when it comes to healthcare services.

Word-of-mouth is definitely the holy grail of marketing, but testimonials are the next best thing in that category.

They offer potential clients to read about the experience of real patients – something that a dentistry professional cannot replicate.

The greater the experience, the more trust is built – which leads to more appointments!

There is one thing about testimonials though: they need to be treated as a garnish.

Do not create a page dedicated to testimonials – instead sprinkle them across your home page, blog articles, and newsletter.

It adds a human touch that is otherwise missing in the digital realm.

#5 Device Responsiveness is key to success

With more than 60% of people using their phones for carrying their digital activity – you want to make sure that your website is not only accessible but easily navigated across devices, be it laptops, desktops, tablets, or phones.

This means that you pay attention to a few key parameters like website loading time, performance, redirection, third-party trackers, and image sizes.

Often, these parameters don’t contribute heavily by themselves – but if you don’t pay attention during your Dental Website Design, they can create problems very quickly.

Update your blog from time to time, have other dentists link your articles, add a concise and engaging ‘About’ page, and ensure that contact details are always a mouse click away.

In fact, if you can support a dedicated contact page where customers can privately send you their queries – do so!

It saves time and shows that you’re willing to go beyond to help your patients.


Right now you have the idea about What to look for in a Dental Website Design.

Now let’s see some examples of  Dentistry website Design to understand what they are doing and what more can be done.

# Dentistry Website Design Example 1

Dentistry Website Design, Dental Website Design, Website Design for Dentists

This is the website of Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry.

You can see,

  • On the left a Bold logo for branding.
  • The Navigation menu on the right contains all important pages.
  • The appointment and contact buttons are highlighted.
  • The title “SUPERIOR DENTAL CARE” displays the experience a patient will have with them.
  • In the background, they are using a Video that shows the location of their office.

What they are missing?

  • Only a Faq section may be.

# Dentistry Website Design Example 2

Dental Wesbite Design, Dental Website Checklist, Dental Website Guidelines

Another beautiful Website Design for Dentists, this one by Kingfisher Dentistry and Braces.

In this site, you can observe,

  • A simple text logo in the  top left corner
  • Navigation menu just below the logo mentioning important links.
  • On the top right, highlighted Contact and Payment information.
  • Navy and Turquoise blue Color scheme made the design more eye-catching.
  • The title says they offer comfortable services and care like you are at home.
  • Highlighting the Google Map location just at the first fold of the site is a good move. A patient can easily remember the location.

What they are missing?

  • Important pages like  Patient Information, Blog, and Contact are missing at the top navigation.
  • No social Media Channel Links found on their Homepage.

# Dentistry Website Design Example 3

ResponsiveDental Website Design, Dental Website Design guide, Dentistry website Design Cost

A neat and clean  Dentistry Website of Biasiello Dentistry.

Here you will find,

  • A decent light color scheme on the whole website.
  • In the top header, the Bold and clean logo along with highlighted Contact information.
  • Important Service pages in the Navigation menu.

What they are missing?

  • No title in the Slider, above the fold of the site.
  • No Social Media channel links on the Homepage.

# Dentistry Website Design Example 4

Dentistry Website Design, Dental Website Design, Dental Website example, Dental Website Inspiration

Stunningly Designed Customized Dental Website by RelyonDental

Here you can find a lot of inspiration in the Dental Website Design,

  • An evenly distributed beautiful color scheme on the whole website.
  • The top header in this Dental Website plays a big role to highlight all the essential contact information, Social Media Channel Links, and  Appointment Button.
  • A clear and bold logo that matches the branding and tells the story of the brand.
  • Easy to navigate the menu on the right with all the important links a patient might like to see.
  • A descriptive title along with a clear CTA button included.

What they are missing?

  • FAQ page might be missing but the website has almost all the necessary resources for a patient.


Hope you have understood, what maximum dentistry website has and what you can keep in your mind while designing one. Now let’s talk about marketing,

How to market your Dental Practice Website?

#6 SEO Matters more than you think

As a professional that offers services in person, you need to handle SEO differently than solely online businesses.

After you’ve created a fantastic Dental website, you need to create content that revolves around your field of expertise.

Specialize in endodontics?

Write an article about the importance of treating tooth pain and how root canals aren’t all that bad.

Have expertise in the orthodontics field?

Explain how vital is the connection between your jaws and teeth.

If possible, create an infographic – they’re easy to read and more importantly – easy to share!

Great. You’ve written a few articles about your particular field, but patients aren’t exactly booking appointments.

To turn the scale in your favor you need to create business pages on a variety of websites – like Google, Bing, and even local business directories like Yelp and YellowPages.

These websites can begin the avalanche of trustworthiness surrounding your brand – and if clients can find your presence on a variety of platforms, it greatly increases your legitimacy in their eyes!


#7 Social Media

Social media can either make you or break you.

It’s often touted that social media is a game that only youngsters know how to play – but that’s simply not true.

Social media, at its core, looking for engagement – and as human beings, we are quite gifted at recognizing real conversations from those that feel…” spammy”.

Create accounts on various social media platforms and share interesting moments that happened in your clinic.

Have a funny story to tell? Post it on Facebook!

Got a new poster? Share it on Instagram!

You’re looking to create a page that offers to provide a sense of exclusivity to potential clients so that they end up thinking “Gee, I’d like to be a part of that clinic – they seem to be having fun!”.

And remember to share relevant updates as well. Have a client that recently got their teeth cleaned?

Maybe comment on their next picture by saying “That smile looks great!” or “Your hard work in getting those pearly whites has certainly paid off!”.

#8 Newsletters can be a way to stay connected

Most people know that you need to visit a dentist every six months. But what about after that?

Patients don’t really pick up the phone and call you if they have some questions about oral hygiene (although you wish they would!).

One way to bridge that gap, and stay connected after their visit, is by writing a monthly newsletter.

It doesn’t have to be lengthy or fancy, just a few paragraphs a month that explain what good oral hygiene looks like, what patients can do about it, and how to tackle common problems.

If you are a large clinic, you can even talk about trends you’re seeing and what patients can do to combat the potential issues.

While it may seem repetitive at times – remember that medical advice is better received from your dentist than some random social media post.

You can not only offer accurate and reliable advice but also quell any fears your patients may have.

It also offers you a way to provide discounts or convert patients into loyalty programs

#9 Paid Ads might attract patient faster,

I already shared the organic way of attracting patients and connect them to your brand.

But what if you want to attract more patients in a shorter period of time?

In that case, Paid Advertisement is the answer to your question. Organic traffic and marketing take time to give you the result.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads are the two most paid advertising platform. You can run a specific campaign on those channels.

For example, Are you offering any  Discount to new patients in a particular area?

Then with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you can target that audience.

#10 Reduce the patients’ clutter

In the age of 0s and 1s, you have the power of ensuring that patient records stay safe and easily accessible with one click.

By integrating Appointment and Patient Management software, you can offer a paper-free experience to your patients.

Not only do you save the environment but also limit the documents that patients need to carry with them to zero!

Who doesn’t love a seamless experience?!

In fact, you can even integrate software solutions for your front-desk employees as well and integrate patient billing systems so that everything can be fetched in an instant if needed.

Sometimes, it is the presence of these little things that really differentiate a good dentist visit from a great one.

#Bonus: Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider,

home! No – it needs a reliable place to call home. Attacks on websites have become an everyday occurrence, bringing some down in an instant. While you may use a local web hosting solution, frankly, there are better options.

Choosing a Hosting provider is like choosing your Digital partner, as your website will be live on that server.

Hosting has a direct effect on your online presence.

Website loading time, website security enhancement,  server up-time everything depends on your hosting service.

For you, every second on the Internet can mean the difference between an appointment and a lost customer.

Furthermore, I can add the Website’s performance is a parameter that will help you rank higher on Google.

So, If you are thinking to adopt WordPress as a CMS, my recommendations will be to pick a  “Managed WordPress Hosting” for it.

Wrapping up

Now that you’ve read about how you can create a fantastic Dental website, connect with your clients, and market your own brand – you must be wondering where to get started first to start! Let’s have a little recap about the Dental Website design and marketing strategy so that you can get started right away:

  1.  Choose a  Domain name & Managed WordPress Hosting Package.
  2.  Start Designing with WordPress Page builder or Hire one Professional WordPress Developer.
  3.  Make the site Mobile Responsive, optimize it for performance.
  4. Pay attention to the SEO  to get organic traffic.
  5. Create Social Media Channels and reach out to the audience.
  6.  Use Newsletter to reach out your
  7. If you want to spend on Ads, Create a campaign on Google Ads.
  8. Want to handle patients digitally? Integrate Patient and appointment management software.

Anything else I am missing out?