rahul gandhi in berkely
                                      Congress VP Rahul Gandhi in University of California,Berkely

The vice president of Congeress went to Berkely  and adressed the students  of UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA  on Tuesday. Mr. Gandhi on a two week visit  in United States where he will meet the leaders, overseas Indians and also the Global Thinkers.He spoke about the India .

There are some points from Rahul Gandhi’s  speech.

Non -Violence Under Attack India.

Congress VP  ,Rahul talk about the idea of Ahimsa and the non-violence has allowed the huge mass of people to stand together.

violence, anti-Sikh riots:

He mentioned the death of his father to indicate the violence he saw. He  expressed his love towards the sikh community and assured to help them first to get justice, before anyone.

Demonetisation and GST:

Congress VP mentioned Demonetisation as a failure as Overnight note ban wipe out too many jobs. According to him , It caused huge damage to the Indian Economy and GDP. And GST  is another bad decision which put Indian economy under pressure.

Future of the Congress Party:

Congress as a party believes in having a conversation and discussion. Congress VP Rahul want to hear from people and come out with a solution to make them happy.For rebuilding the party, we need to design a vision that we can use moving forward. Most of what the BJP is doing right now, like MNREGA and GST is what we once said.

On Prime Minister Modi:

PrimeMinister Modi knows to spread the message in a crowd. As PM Modi has a good communication skill.I’m an Opposition leader, but Mr Modi is also my Prime Minister. He’s a very good communicator, probably much better than me… but what I sense is that he doesn’t converse with people he works with