In childhood,  We used to see the dream of flying cars.But the recent growth of technology and new innovations can assure that soon there will be flying cars in all the megacities.The population of earth is increasing so the vehicles.The problem we face badly in megacities is huge traffics.To avoid the traffics and vehicles on road, what you can imagine having for the transportation?

flying taxi
scaled-down mock-up of the CityAirbus at the 2017 Paris Air Show(Credit: ASDS)

Obviously, the flying car is the only solution. The aeronautics giant Airbus working on that dream to make it happen soon in the megacities.

We can say that the innovations of Airbus can change the whole future taxis. Airbus named that taxis as CityAirbus.

It will be a multi-passenger, Self-piloted electric vehicle.

The configuration of the CityAirbus:

  • Autonomy: 15minutes.
  • Engines: 8 fixed pitch propellers and 8x100kW electric motors.
  • Size: Compact Size for ideal integration.
  • Batteries: 140kW power x 4 batteries, 110kW energy in 4 batteries.
  • Capacity: Transported up to 4 passengers.
  • Speed : 120km/h

This future flying taxi will add a new adventure for the passengers. Airbus hopes it will carry passengers over congested megacities soon. This CityAirbus appeared at Paris Airshow earlier in this year.

Here you can see the blueprint of CityAirbus.


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