10 Best WordPress Email Subscribe Plugins to Get More Subscribers


The hardest task for advertisers was ensuring that their clients could get one-on-one Meetings with potential customers. However, in the digital era, even small bloggers and small businesses can outcompete the larger advertising firms. How? Two words – email marketing. Now, I predict that there are bells ringing in your mind as the word ‘SPAM’. … Read more

A Complete Guide to Create a Stunning Author Website Design in 2022


Author Website Design Guide 2020 Should an Author have a website? Being an Author, this is the first doubt you might have. Well, Websites are the digital realm’s version of a blank page. Their existence is limited by the creator’s imagination, akin to how a simple sheet of paper can give rise to “The boy … Read more

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to boost your website from Day 1


Before Starting with the WordPress SEO Plugins I have a Question for you, Are you familiar with Vodafone’s ZooZoo animation shorts? They are one of the most memorable parts of the Indian Premier League, a cricket league event broadcasted from India, which viewers from across the world watch with an emboldened spirit. If we take … Read more

How to Design your Music Website with Best WordPress theme for Music ?

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In this digital era, everyone wants to stand out with their own online presence!  Being a Musician or an Artist you might be looking for the best WordPress theme for a music website you want to create for yourself. If you are not sure about the music WordPress theme to choose for your band, personal … Read more