How to Design your Music Website with Best WordPress theme for Music ?

In this digital era, everyone wants to stand out with their own online presence!  Being a Musician or an Artist you might be looking for the best WordPress theme for a music website you want to create for yourself.

If you are not sure about the music WordPress theme to choose for your band, personal music portfolio, records label, or podcast website this article will step-by-step guide you to choose the best one.

Along with choosing the best WordPress music themes, In this article, you will find an in detail Guide to Create Your WordPress Music Website.

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Let’s take a look  What you are getting in this article,

  1.  Why choose WordPress for your Music Website?
  2.  Things to look for while choosing the WordPress theme for music?
  3. List of Best WordPress theme for Music Websites.
  4. Purchased WordPress Theme now what?
  5. Managed WordPress Hosting for your Music Website & why?
  6. How to set up your Music WordPress website?
  7.  FAQ’s


#1 Why WordPress for Your Music Website?

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) right now in 2020.

Approx 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress worldwide. So, We can say almost 35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress.

If you don’t know, the popular brand’s Website is also designed using  WordPress.


Now let’s find out what makes WordPress so popular that big brands adopted it,

  • It’s easy and simple to use: You don’t need to know hardcore coding language to develop and manage your website in WordPress. You can still manage your WordPress website, the user interface is too easy to understand.
  • It’s super flexible:  To get your design done with WordPress you can choose from a huge number of Beautiful, mobile-responsive themes.  And to add various functionality you on your website you can install plugins.
  • It’s super Scaleable:  WordPress is not limited to a few blog posts, you can run a full-featured high traffic website on WordPress. Along with you can run a WordPress based eCommerce website to sell anything online.
  • You own your data: In WordPress, you own your data, as you will host your website, you have full control over your website data. Which is not possible with other platforms like Wix.
  • You are not alone: There are millions of resources available in the form of article, documentation, tutorials online to provide you the support on any issues of WordPress. Even you can hire a Professional WordPress Developers at a very affordable cost from a Creative-tech market place like Fiverr.
  • WordPress is FREE:  Yes,  the WordPress application is completely free. You can download the application, customize, modify, and redistribute as many times you want.


#2  Tips to Choose the Best Music WordPress theme

wordpress website design checklist

Choosing is the right WordPress theme for your music website is not an easy task. There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress music themes available online. But how you will know the theme you are choosing is the [eafl id=”578″ name=”Sonaar” text=”Best WordPress theme for Music?”]

Here are some points you should follow while selecting the right music theme for your WordPress site.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsive means, the layout and/or content responds or adapts based on the size of the screen they are presented on. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on.

Users are now using their mobile devices to browse the internet. That means maximum traffics on the internet comes from Mobile Devices.

Therefore, while designing a website, you should keep mobile responsibility on the top of your Checklist.

Cross-Browser Compatability :

Cross-Browser compatibility ensures that a website you have works perfectly on different Web browsers.

As users have their own preference when it comes to browser, Some do like to use Google Chrome, some do use Mozilla or some of them might use Safari.

So if your website working better on  Safari it doesn’t mean it will work on another browser.

Therefore, I recommend checking, if your musician WordPress theme is cross-browser compatible or not.

SEO Friendly / Fast Loading 

Google encourages fast loading and SEO friendly websites.

SEO friendly website design is basically the way of designing a website that is search engine friendly.

Therefore having an SEO friendly website can help search engines to efficiently craw each and every page of your website, interpret the content effectively, and index it in their database.

Thus your music website gets more organic traffic from search engines.

Now you know why  SEO friendly design matters, So while choosing the WordPress theme for your music artist website look if its SEO is friendly and loads fast enough.

Compatible with  Page Builder Plugin :

What is a page builder? Why I should check this?

If this is your question or if you don’t know about that, then let me share what a page builder for WordPress is.

Basically it is a Plugin that helps you to edit/modify and design your web page according to you by drag and drop the elements or functionality available in the plugin.

Elementor is now the most popular  WordPress Page builder plugin and using which you can modify any of the design of your page and customize it according to you.

As it became popular due to ease of use, many themes provider are now developing themes which can be edited using  Elementor and other page builder plugin.

So it is wise to look for a Musician, artist WordPress theme which supports page builders plugin.

Album / Playlist Creation :

Being a Musician, Artist, or Podcast producer,  Creating  Album,  Playlist is one of the main features you are looking for isn’t it?

The ease of creating Album and playlist make your Music website more functional than just having few text pages.

There are a few popular themes that enable you to create your Album, playlist, and showcase it on your page in a hassle freeway.

I will talk about those  WordPress Music Themes that offer Album, creation feature in the next section of this Article.

 Music Player  :

Well, the Music player is the most important function I would love to see in a Musicians website.

A music player present on your   Music website will surely boost your credibility and the users will engage with your website at a higher rate.

Music Player enables you to showcase your track, creations.

So you must look into this while creating your Music Website with WordPress.

Events List :

I hope you have a list of events to share with your audience.

And when you keep that list on your website, no doubt it increases the sales of the ticket.

But also it helps your audience to find out your events information such as event dates, events location all on a single page.

So, don’t forget to keep that in your checklist, even if right now you don’t have any upcoming events it doesn’t mean you will not have events in the upcoming days. Be prepared for your ultimate success as a Musician.

E-Commerce Compatible :

E-commerce is the next big thing.

And selling creative things as an Artist is what creates more recall value of your brand.

To sell the creative items like a t-shirt with your brand’s logo, hoodies, the mask, or any other items, you need an online store.

As I previously said, in WordPress are not limited to your website but you can start your own eCommerce with it.

Therefore, your WordPress music theme should have an eCommerce store compatibility so that your store match with your main website pages.

An uneven style or design just ruins your branding.

So, If you are planning to sell or start your own online store now or later, you should count this too.

I hope right now you have a detailed idea about Why you should choose WordPress and

what to look for while choosing the best music WordPress theme online.

Let’s move on to a list of fully-featured WordPress themes specially designed for Music Artist, Producers, Bands, singer.

#3 List of Best WordPress Theme for Music / Band :

There are thousands of music themes available in the marketplace but, How you will know which is the best music WordPress theme to create your Music website with?

So, after working with many records labels, musicians/artists, and podcast company to create their brand presence online I thought to shortlist some best of the Music WordPress theme which gonna surely help you to create a stunning Music WordPress Website.



Apex WordPress theme gives a minimalist look of the black and white palette with a user-friendly interface.

It became one of the most popular WordPress music themes of 2020 due to its modern, intuitive, slick, and clean design.

This responsive Musician WordPress theme is specially designed for  Music Composer, Songwriters, Singers, Musicians.

There is a continuous Music Player in this theme designed with AJAX Technology, which doesn’t stop when a visit from one page to another. Isn’t it’s great?

If you want to take your next Music Website into the New level, Apex Musician WordPress theme is what you can choose.

List of Features Available in Apex Music WordPress Theme,

  • Killer Retina ready Layout.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive and SEO friendly.
  • Unlimited Color Schemes and  Google Fonts.
  • 10+ Custom widgets Such as Music Player, DiscoGraphy, Events, Photo Galleries.
  • Fully supports the Elementor Page Builder plugin.
  • It comes with 6 Awesome Premium Plugin.

Apex WordPress theme has almost everything to create your professional Music WordPress website today.




Mandala Singer WordPress theme

Mandala is one of the new and popular singers WordPress theme.

It is crafted especially for the Music Artist, Singers, composer who want to represent themselves online.

This Singer WordPress theme has a balance and simplicity which brings your website to a new level.

Along with this, Mandala Singer WordPress theme is 100% Mobile Responsive.

The homepage of this musician  WordPress theme gives the Artist the attention it deserves by bringing simple but effective elements like Latest EP or Album Releases,  featured playlist, and slick and clean Biography.

Though you can customize the whole layout of this specially designed Mobile responsive singer WordPress theme using ELEMENTOR Page Builder.

If you consider buying a very professional musician, songwriter, or singer WordPress theme for your website, put Mandala at the top of your list because it’s one of the best templates in the music industry right now.


#4 Tools you need to get started with Music Website,

Well, now you know which  Music WordPress template you need to choose to create a stunning Music WordPress Website.

Once you have the theme ready with you, you have to install that theme on your website.

In order to install and activate your theme, you must have a domain name reserved and Managed WordPress Hosting ready with you.

Tool 1: Domain Name

If you are a beginner then don’t worry I have created an article on  How to purchase your First Domain.

Tool 2:  Managed Hosting for WordPress

Also, I recommend going for a Managed WordPress Hosting to host your Music Website

here is a step by step guide to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting.

Tool 3: SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate ( Secure Socket Layer ) is much needed in today’s website.

It helps to secure your website’s sensitive information by encrypting them hence it improves the trustworthiness of your website.

When you install the SSL Certificate, your website gets a Green Padlock and http://  changes to https://

Though maximum Managed Hosting Provider offers FREE SSL CERTIFICATE along with the hosting plan.

Tool 4: A Few Important Plugins,

In order to customize & Secure your  WordPress website, there are few plugins available which might help you make your WordPress Music Website a perfect one.

Some plugins like  Elementor, WPS Hide, Really Simple SSL, Contact form 7 are few among many.



There are many shared hosting plans available which you can choose to host your website. But why you should care about Managed WordPress Hosting?

PROS: In short, the managed WordPress hosting will get you Automatically Managed Updates which fixes security, Automatically Daily Backups of your site, Highend Security Support, Automatic Installation of WordPress, Better Caching & so many other managed features and support from Hosting provider which separates it from any normal hosting plan.

CONS: WordPress Only, Pricing is little Higher than any normal hosting plan.

#5 Customize your WordPress Website,

Wordpress Dashboard

I hope right now you have a clear checklist of  How to create your Music Website on WordPress.

From Selecting a theme to purchasing the domain and hosting and a few important plugins to get started with.

Usually, the maximum theme I shortlisted above for you offers a one-click demo installation.

It means you can quickly import the demo on your website within a few clicks.

First of all, you have to  Upload the theme in your WordPress,   Appearance  > Themes.

Then you have to activate it with the activation code provided by the themes.

Once you have completed all the basic setup including installation of all the necessary Plugin by the Theme, you are able to customize it.

Those themes offer a wide range of customization.

Using which you can modify your Header, Footer, Color palette, fonts, and lots more.

Also, Elementor Plugin is very useful to modify any of the on-page contents visually.

To know more about the theme customization, you can follow the steps given in Documentation by the Theme provider.

Thus you can personalize each and every element of the theme to make the best out of it.

#6  Hire Developer to Design your Music Website,

Being a Music Artist, Composer, or Singer it is obvious that you have a busy schedule.

And Designing a complete Music website on WordPress may not be a viable option for you.

Or if you are very new to website design or  simply don’t have time at all to create your Music Website from scratch and customize it accordingly,

In that case, hiring a  WordPress designer, cum developer is the perfect option to get it done within a short period of time.

But remember Hiring a full agency might be a costlier option for you.

These days there are many market place from where you can hire web developers to build your music website. Fiverr is one of the most reputed, popular, and affordable comparing to upWork,

At the Fiverr marketplace, the buyer’s interest kept above others. By sharing your requirements you get a custom package from the Seller or you can choose any of the packages available by the seller if it’s matches your requirements.

It’s a very safe platform for the buyers, as it holds your payment until the seller delivers the project to you.

So you can go with peace of mind, once you submit all requirements and Place an order.

Wrapping Up,

WordPress is the best choice to create your Music Website and the best Music WordPress theme will make your website slick, clean, modern looks with mobile responsiveness.

You can Download the Free Guide on  Creating your WordPress Music Website and If you need to do it professionally Just  Hire a WordPress developer to get it done.