Best WordPress Backup Plugins to Restore and Migrate WordPress

WordPress Backup Plugins are the best saviours when it comes to restore or migrate your website.

Imagine that your blog has grown to over 1 million visitors each month, has a loyal audience of subscribers and your courses are generating recurring revenue.

It’s every blogger’s dream. Then one day you’re hacked.

All of your email lists, articles, ebooks – everything is gone.

Could you have saved your website from getting hacked? Perhaps. Could you have saved your data? Definitely.

We hope that you never face such a situation but let’s be realistic – sometimes there’s nothing you can do to stop an attack. But protecting your data is always within your hands.

One of those ways is by utilizing a backup plugin in your WordPress Website that has your back for when things go terribly wrong.

So here we go, in this article, we’ll talk about the 10 best WordPress backup plugins which surely going to help your WordPress backup and restore.


1.BlogVault – Premium WordPress Backup Plugin


BlogVault is one of the most feature-packed backup plugins for WordPress Website in the market.

Trusted by well-known bloggers like NerdWallet and CollectiveRay in addition to 400,000+ customers. This WordPress backup plugin offers incremental backups, offline restoration of your website.

Also, this wp backup plugin offers an integrated free staging so that you can test updates & changes safely.

But that’s not all – it boasts a 70% faster website recovery rate that is complemented by a one-click migration process.

Do you Have a WooCommerce store?

BlogVault offers 24×7  database backup services that can restore your wooCommerce websites up to the last order. And you can extend this functionality across multiple websites. Amazing!


BlogVault has a large selection of pricing models.

The basic plan starts at $7.4/month,

a plus plan at $12.4/month,

and an advanced plan at $20.75/month.

So when it comes to backup your website site this database backup plugin WordPress will do your job smoothly.

2.UpdraftPlus: Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin


If you want the best WordPress backup plugin for free that is trusted by the titans of various industries, then UpdraftPlus is the one for you – as it counts the NBA, Princeton University, NASA, P&G, Microsoft, and Cisco amongst its clientele.

With features like Website backup scheduling, Site cloning and migration, fast & personal support, as well as detailed reporting – you can stay abridged about your data all the time.


Pricing: It has two versions, FREE and PREMIUM.

The free version offers basic features like the ability to backup periodically and restores accordingly.

But the premium version has additional features like flexible storage options, multisite support, along with reporting and monitoring.

The premium version supports individual owners starting at $42/year and can go up to $117/year for enterprises. And updates and support are completely free for one year!

Would you give this free WordPress Site backup plugin a try in 2021?

3.WPTime Capsule – Backup & Stagging  Plugin WordPress


WP Time Capsule is a solid option for a WordPress backup and website restores plugin.

It offers backups on a per change basis, so you can revert back to a functioning website anytime an update breaks it.

It also supports incremental backups, which saves only after changes – so your electricity costs (and fingerprint) are low.

Need a dashboard where you can view all backups of all of your websites? They do that too!

They also provide backups that can save each order on your eCommerce sites, so that you don’t lose revenue and customers don’t lose their products!

If you need a staging environment where you want to test updates before you launch it on your official website then this is the plugin for you!

You also have a variety of options when it comes to where you want to save your data like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.


They have three plans as part of their premium offerings: business, freelancer, and agency.

The business plan supports 2 websites and starts at $49/year, the freelancer plan supports 10 sites at $99/year.

While the agency can support unlimited websites and starts at $199/year.

But if you’re looking for a one-time payment method – they offer plans starting at $149 too!

4.Codeguard: Website Backup & Security Plugin


Codeguard is a fantastic choice for a wp backup plugin.

After the initial full backup, future backups are always differential so that you can save costs on storage space.

They even offer their patented monitoring service that looks for threats present between each version of your website.

If there are any additions, modifications, or deletions on your website they will send you an email immediately notifying you of them – so that you are sure that changes are always made with your permission.

In case things go wrong, you can choose to download a single zip folder containing everything or selectively choosing the files you need. They actively guard your website so that you can stay secure.


While their plans are a bit on the higher end initially, starting at $60/year for a single website – if you’re looking to scale then costs go down real quick.

Their professional plan starts at $39/year and supports 12 websites along with 50GB of storage. And the team plan supports 25 websites starting at $79/year and enterprises can benefit from their $239/year plan which supports 100 websites!

5.VaultPress : WordPress Backup & Restore Plugin


Vaultpress is one of those hidden gems on the internet when it comes to a reliable backup plugin.

In fact, the backup services were so good – that Jetpack integrated its services into itself. Yep.

The team that created WordPress now sells a backup service integrated into its security service. Incredible! And that’s not all.

They actively scan your website every day and immediately notify you by email if any malicious files are detected. Security and backup services? You are definitely getting the most of Vaultpress!


It offers monthly backups starting at just $3/month which comes with a 30-day archive and real-time backups at just $20/month which come with an unlimited archive. Both plans are built on world-class offsite infrastructure.

6.BackUpBuddy : WordPress Backup, Restore & Migration


If you’re looking for a plugin with a decade of experience backing up websites then BackupBuddy is the one for you.

It offers services like complete WordPress backup, scheduled automatic backups, and offsite storage to its half and million-plus customers.

In fact, it allows you to specify the type of backup you wish to have like database, files only, or complete backups.

And if you’d like to set up custom backup profiles – then you have the freedom to do that too.

They’ll even notify you by email after a backup has been done, or ask for your attention if some changes need to be made.

With the BackupBuddy Stash Live feature – you can backup files in real-time.

It also provides free malware scanning services so that you can rest easy.


They offer three plans: blogger, freelancer, and gold starting at $80, $127, and $199/year respectively.

All plans include one year of free updates, support, 1 GB of storage space, and one year of access to Stash Live! Good pricing, great features, and simple UI are the reasons that this plugin is regarded as one of the best out there!

7.WPVivid: WordPress Backup and  Migration Plugin


WPVivid offers scheduled backups, incremental backups, advanced remote storage, and the ability to edit user roles.

In fact, that’s not where the features stop! Multisite backups? Check.

A staging environment to test changes? Done. An easy, one-click method to migrate your site? Absolutely!

Offered as both a free and pro version – WPVivid is one of the lesser-known but equally capable plugins out there.

Though its free version is limited, its Pro version opens the door to additional features like custom tables for database migration, rollbacks, multisite support, and unlimited backup retention!


Using a one-time payment model, its basic plan starts at $99 and extends up to $299 for larger organizations.

8.Duplicator: WordPress Migration Plugin


Duplicator has got a lot of clients – over 15 million!

Not only does it support the ability to backup your website, but also provides multisite support, backup limits, large database support, single-file packages, email notifications, and auto database creation.

And that’s not all – they support a multitude of plans besides their basic free version.


Starting with their basic plan at $59/year, you can backup 3 websites and receive one-year of updates and support.

Upgrade to their freelancer plan at $79/year and you have the ability to backup 15 websites!

Business and gold plans which are priced at $129/year and $359 (one-time fee for this one!) offer unlimited websites. And their gold one offers lifetime updates and support!

9.Sucuri: Security &  Backup Plugin


Yes, you read the heading right. The most well-known security plugin for WordPress also offers a backup service as well.

Supporting automatic daily backups, on-demand backups, change reports, retention for 90 days and the ability to automatically restore your files make it a great competitor!


Priced at $5/month, it’s one of the best services out there – but you need to be subscribed to one of the security plans in order to do so.

But think about – if integrating security and backup services can be done with the brand known for its passion for security – why not upgrade to their $299/year plan and rest easy knowing that you’ll have access to one year of support and updates?

No restless nights when Sucuri has got your back!

10.BackwPup: WordPress Backup Plugin


With an adorable name like that you’d wonder if it can handle the heavy lifting involved with creating backups – but boy does BackwPup deliver!

With features like complete automatic restore, encrypting backup archives, the ability to completely backup your databases, and capabilities to send you to log reports by email – they truly have gotten one of the best services out there.

Need to backup to Azure, Google Drive, S3, or Dropbox?

They support that too! With detailed documentation, the ability to execute system tests, and multisite support BackwPup is a great option.


Despite being a popular plugin for its free version, its Pro version is where you can find true peace.

Plans start from $69.00/year for personal websites and extend up to $349/year for agencies.

Plus, all plans come up with free one-year updates and support!

Wrapping up,

Backups are just as important as security – and they can provide you with an opportunity to bounce back up as if nothing has happened! Hope these 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins could do the magic that you are looking for. Choose any of the  Free Website backup plugins or Premium WordPress Backup plugins from the list and get serenity.


We realize the power that websites play in our client’s lives. This is why we provide WordPress website creation services. If you’d like to have a chat with us regarding either (or both!) of those options we’d love to talk to you. Hope you have a safe journey on the interwebs!