Best Language learning Application for 2022

Curious about learning a new language?  Then you might be searching for the best Language learning app.

Even I feel excited about learning new languages.  Learning new languages is not only fun but it also helps you to stand out from others.

Think if you can talk in 5-6 languages and your friends hardly know 2 or 3. Obviously, it will make an instant impact.

Though in this new era you don’t need to join any language class to learn a new language. All you need is a smartphone to become the master of your target language.

The interactive language learning apps would help you to learn and track your progress.

To ease your search, I posted about the top language learning apps for 2020  ( Free & paid ) that will help you to learn a new language this year. So let’s check this out.



If you are looking for the best way to learn a language on your mobile, Duolingo will be the answer. One of the best language app with over 100 million + Downloads. The gamification of learning a new language has set an ample example for all the  Language app.

It is really fun and addictive to learn a language in Duolingo. I really enjoyed this app, when I started learning Spanish. The app has a combination of audio, visual and writing. You can choose from many of the languages and learn very easily using this app.

A study says It’s effective also. 34 hours of Duolingo are equivalent to a semester of university-level education. can you imagine How much value its creating

The more interesting fact is, Duolingo is a free language learning app. So, you don’t have to pay for learning a language. To get started with this app, just download and create an account. You can track your progress in this app and if you wish to revise any part, you can simply do that in the app.


Busuu language learning app

Would you like to learn languages in a smart way? Well, this language learning app claims that it has 1000 + lessons created by the linguistic professional and it enhanced with Machine Learning technology.

According to a study, 22 hours on Busuu = 1 college semester, they claim.

Busuu offers specialized courses and provides access to learn 12 languages. The contents of  Busuu language learning app has been designed by the expert for the beginners.

In Busuu App, you can connect with 90 million learners and native speakers. It also has the features of practice speaking with real-life native speakers. You can create a personalized study plan in this app.

Another feature I found in the Bussu Language learning app is its offering official certification with McGraw Hill language certificates. So if you are in need of learning a new language and certifications also important, Busuu will surely help you in that case.

Tough maximum features of this language application come under premium plans.



babble language app

If you would like to learn a new language through conversation, then Babbel is what you should choose as a language learning app. Babbel offers access to learn 13 languages in this app.

According to the researcher of Michigan State University, After 10 hours with Babbel 96% of learners saw better test scores on grammar and vocabulary, 73% of study participants became better speakers.

Babbel is almost like what Duolingo offers a bit size interactive lesson. You can read, write, listen and speak in order to practice all the lessons in this language app.

To revise what you have learned from the previous lessons you can use the Review feature of the app.

Though the Babbel language learning app is not free, it offers the first lesson for free. The subscription of this language app starts from  $12.95 USD per month.


helloTalk language app

HelloTalk is a little different when it comes to the language learning app. Instead of offering real-time conversation it offers real-time chatting with native speakers like Whatsapp.

So the Language app claim, you can learn a language by chatting in this app. HelloTalk supports 150+ languages and it has 15 million + users to chat with.

In HelloTak, You can search for the people who have the exact needs as yours. Also, it offers free audio and video calls to improve your communication skills.

The concept of HelloTalk Language app is not based on any course curriculum, they don’t offer any course or study plans in their app instead HelloTak prefers the communication to learn a new language with fun.

The app has native speakers almost from every region of the world, so whatever language you want to learn you can learn it by directly chatting and communicating with the native speaker using HelloTalk.

Tough, you can download a free copy of this app, the premium features of the HelloTalk app come under subscription packages.



hinative-languagge app

HiNative is a Q& A for learning new languages. If you don’t know how to write or speak any languages, the HiNative language app offers you to ask the Native speakers. You can ask whatever you want and learn for free.

This language learning app has over 2 million registered users worldwide. HiNative offers you to check your pronunciation by  Audio upload features. Along with this feature, You can learn different accents and some useful phrases for your target language if you are traveling soon.

HiNative has the feature to upload a picture and sign in order to ask the Native speaker. If you are interested to know about the culture of any country that too possible in this language learning application.

Ultimately HiNative is a language learning application that offers over 110 languages to learn


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I can say that there any many similar language learning apps available on the play store and Apple store which have almost the same features. But the above-mentioned language learning apps are some best language learning app I found which really help to learn easily and faster. Some other kids learning apps are also available which is very useful to the kids.

So, Download any of the language learning apps of your choice and become a master of a new language at the end of this year. All the best, thank you for reading this article, kindly subscribe for more interesting articles.