AOL the web portal service from Newyork was a bit popular in early years.After serving 20 years, AOL Instant Messenger discontinues on 15th December.AOL posted this on their official website in last Friday.

AOL instant Messenger discontinues

A spoke person of AOL explained that the way of conversation is changed a lot and AOL failed to upgrade. If you are an AOL instant messenger user you can use this service up to 15th December 2017.After the day, the user will not be able to log in and the data will be deleted. Further AOL said If you have email address you will be still able to log in.

AOL Instant Messenger was the biggest trend in the earlier days, Launched in 1997.The platform provided instant access of the people, which was popularly known as “Buddy List”. AOL claimed it got100 million registered users in 2001.

AOL was fiercely protective of its dominance in the instant messaging market. It fended off rivals, including Microsoft, by blocking their messaging platforms from communicating with AOL users. Its actions prompted a coalition of rivals to complain to the federal government ahead of AOL’s ill-fated merger with Time Warner that was completed in 2001.

The people gonna miss the AOL Instant Messenger in this year. Though it will not affect as people are now much familiar with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger nowadays.

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