airtel volTe launch

Bharti Airtel launched VoLTE service in Mumbai on this Monday. The India’s largest telecom network provider is all set challenge their rival Jio.  Airtel VoLTE will be available on all 4g handsets or have LTE features on that. Without any additional charge, Airtel VoLTE service will allow customers to make calls to any mobile network, landline network, said Bharti Airtel.

Bharti Airtel is the second operator to launch VoLTE service in India after Reliance Jio.

Bharti Airtel mentioned some special features about their VoLTE service :

  • Airtel VoLTE service will provide HD quality  Voice calls.
  • Airtel VoLTE will take less setup time for Call.
  • Data sessions at 4G speed while the call is in progress.
  • Even if the 4g network is not available, it will fall back into the 3g/2g network but there will be no interruption in the call.

Airtel plans to roll out VoLTE across the country over the next few months. Bharti Airtel director-        networks Abhay Savargaonkar said, “Over the next few months, we will rapidly accelerate the deployment of VoLTE to cover all key geographies to bring HD quality calling to our customers. We keenly look forward to our device partners enabling Airtel VoLTE on their smartphones.”

        How to get Airtel VoLTE service :

Bharti Airtel, in its September 11 press release, listed four steps on how customers will be able to              subscribe to the Airtel VoLTE service:

1. Check mobile device compatibility at Airtel has tested and certified popular device models for VoLTE compatibility. More models will keep getting added to this list.

2. Upgrade the mobile device’s operating software to the latest version that supports VoLTE. This update is provided by the handset manufacturer.

3. Ensure the device has a Airtel 4G SIM. Customers can upgrade to the 4G SIM by visiting the nearest Airtel store.

4. Enable VoLTE by following instructions on

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