5 Dark humours .

Is that was a joke? Oh! yes, how many of you suffer to understand a joke at once?  When others are laughing you are still trying to figure out the humour. You haven’t been in such situation if you are smart enough, yes We consider you as a smart. Dark humour is hard to understand but it is considered as funny too. People who understand dark humour have high IQ.

A new study proves that smart people tend to like sick jokes and love throwing them whenever possible. Here we have got some jokes from various sources that only people with dark humour understand.

Let’s take a look what we get!

1. I know this one’s lame. Did you get it? ?


2. Grandpa jokes never get old ?

dark humour

3. Pretty easy to understand :p


4.You need a programmer mind to understand this :p

programming jokes

5.There you go, loners ?

adult jokee