3D Printing getting more popular these days. A startup from Russia come up with their 3D Printing Construction Technology. Apis cor – is the startup we are talking about who made news for 3D House printing in 24hours. Apis-cor designed 3D printing technology for construction Industry. The startup is originated from Siberia.

What they Designed?

3d printed house apis core

It is basically a mobile robot. This robot capable of constructing a building with fine-grained fiber-concrete with special additives.The robot takes very less time to build a three stories building.

Recent Funding

Rusnano Sistema Sicar, A private equity fund showed their interest in this startup and they are willing to invest $6million USD soon.

According to the fund, this technology has no equivalent in the world. It “outperforms conventional [construction] technologies in terms of speed and ease of construction” at a “competitive cost.

“We expect the Apis Cor technology to make cottage construction 19% cheaper than foam concrete houses as soon as next year, with a further potential cost reduction of up to 30%,” Rusnano Sistema Sicar stated.

Last year, Apis-Cor made a news by printing a 38sq.m house in the Moscow suburb of Stupino in just 24 hours.The House costs less than $10,000.

Startup Expansion:

The startup Apis-cor thinking to expand their business in Asia, Middle East. As well as USA and European countries, where the demand is high.

Apis-cor, expect to generate million US Dollar in revenues in next year with a fleet of dozens of 3D printers.

Present Locations :

The startup is originated from Irkutsk. And Presently they have their offices in Moscow and SanFransisco.

The startup already received a grant of 3 million rubbles approx $50,000 from Skolkovo, the international tech hub under completion on the outskirts of Moscow.

Rusnano Sistema Sicar targets a variety of sectors including :

  • Information technologies
  • Robotics and onboard equipment
  • Software and cloud technologies
  • Communication equipment and end-to-end solutions
  • Renewable sources of energy and energy-saving technologies
  • Microelectronics
  • Automated control system
  • Special communications systems
  • Software for comprehensive security systems.

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